Glamping med havsutsikt på Åland.

Experience nature with glamour

Glamping, in other words glamorous camping, is perfect for you who want to enjoy nature in an adventurous way, but still within your comfort...

Värdinnan Anette Gustafsson med ett fat nybakade bullar vid gästhamnen Rödhamn på Åland.
Islands and Archipelago

Guests are the focus at Rödhamn harbour

Rödhamn is one of Åland’s most popular guest harbours. Its location and hospitality are second to none – you’ll be able to land in a safe...

Kvinnor skålar i bubbelpoolen vid Carlsro Badhotell.

Åland favourite – beachfront bar at Carlsro

You can savour the irresistible combination of epicurean delights and beach life at the elegant beachfront bar at the Carlsro spa hotel...

Glamping-tält från Rundhusbyn på Åland.

Åland favourite – Glamping

You’ll be staying overnight in a tent, but sleeping on a mattress in a real bed. In other words, glamping, or glamorous camping, is perfect...

Skärgårdsfärjan Gudingen trafikerar mellan öarna på Ålandstrafikens södra linje.
Travel and transports

From island to island by archipelago ferry

Åland has a total of 6,700 islands, each with its very own charm. You can reach some of these easily with Ålandstrafiken archipelago ferries...

Ålands flagga mot blå himmel.
Facts about Åland

Own flag, stamps and legislation

Åland is an autonomous island province. Åland has its own parliament with legislative rights, and its own government. Åland is the oldest...

Kvinna ombord på Ålandstrafikens skärgårdsfärja.
Travel to Åland

Travelling around Åland

Åland consists of the main island and thousands of other islands of all sizes around it. Many of the bigger islands are inhabited and you...

Vindkraftverk vid Båtskären på Åland
Facts about Åland

Åland – with power from nature

With its location in the middle of the sea, awash in salty sea winds, the most hours of sunlight in the Nordic countries and a deep love of...

Hotellrum med kvinna stående på rummets balkong.
Living on Åland

Book a dream stay

Some visitors want to stay in the middle of Mariehamn and enjoy the city’s offerings. Others prefer being out in nature, with the sea for a...

Flygvy över inloppet i Mariehamn.
Travel to Åland

Getting to Åland

It’s easy to get to Åland no matter what time of year it is. Choose between passenger ferries, flights or archipelago ferries. Åland is very...

Konferensgrupp som vinkar mot kameran på fartyget Pommerns däck.

Åland – a place to meet

Situated right in the middle of the Baltic Sea with excellent connections, Åland is the perfect place to hold a conference. Here you’ll find... drivs av Vibb och är ett uppslagsverk för allt som händer och sker på Åland. Här är läsarna och de åländska företagen våra viktigaste källor.

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