Målning av Guy Frisk: Längtan, 1973-75.

Guy Frisk's colorful world

Artist Guy Frisk (1943-2022) plays a central role in the Åland Island Art Museum summer exhibition. Frisk was born in Lovisa, moved to Åland...

Marie Backman-Thors och tre andra kvinnor visar färgglada kläder i stora storlekar från klädmärke Dress like Marie.
Samarbete Shopping

Marie opened a clothes shop she had been looking for

Marie Backman-Thors has always loved to wear colours and patterns. She likes clothes so much that she has even created her own brand, Dress like Marie.

Ryggarna av två kvinnor och ett barn med folkdräkt.
Museums on Åland

Visually striking and beautiful with traditional folk costumes

Folk costumes always create a festive atmosphere. Tradition meets handicrafts in distinctive clothing, with unique patterns, colours and...

Blöt deltagare i Swim Run på Åland springer upp för klippa.
Sporty island

Nature’s own outdoor gym - a challenge with natural obstacles

Choose Åland for training or competing, using water and wind to up the intensity of your workouts. It is fun and addictive to test your...

Värdinnan Anette Gustafsson med ett fat nybakade bullar vid gästhamnen Rödhamn på Åland.
Islands and Archipelago

Guests are the focus at Rödhamn harbour

Rödhamn is one of Åland’s most popular guest harbours. Its location and hospitality are second to none – you’ll be able to land in a safe...

Träningskompisar poserar framför Baltic friidrottsarena i Mariehamn.
Sporty island

Numerous sports halls and plenty of free time

Stay in shape with a sporty adventure in Åland! There are many amateur enthusiasts and active associations here who would be happy to set up...

Kvinnor på skogsyoga med Caroline Henriksson i den åländska skärgårdsskogen.

Åland favourite – forest yoga

Forest yoga. In Åland’s archipelago, yoga instructor Caroline Henriksson wants you to join her for a session of forest yoga, which is a...

Ann Eriksson visar textiltryck vid SALT.

Local arts and crafts make the best mementoes

Are you looking for beautiful souvenirs and gifts that are unique and useful in daily life? The crafts shops Salt and Viktor Craft & Design in Mariehamn offer Åland’s largest selection of handmade items.

Garner i mängder i butiken Therese Broderi i Mariehamn.

Yarns, leather goods and vintage

In Mariehamn, shopping opportunities are versatile. Everything from local crafts and materials to own projects to antiques and fashion from...

Fiskbricka med olika rätter från Västerro.
Food from Åland

Åland favourite – Västerro

At Västerro, fisherman and artisan food producer Anders Westerberg experiments with ingredients from the sea and nature at his smokehouse...

Utsikt över Indigos uteservering vid lilla torget i Mariehamn en vacker sommarkväll.
Food from Åland

Lilla Torget – its own little world

A tiny little block in the middle of Mariehamn is surrounded by two restaurants with bars and outdoor terraces, a cosy café, two pizzerias...

Paddling i solnedgången på Åland.

Kayaking in all directions

Åland is perfect for kayaking, and not only in the summer. Spring and autumn are also excellent seasons for kayaking explorations. When...

Interiörbild från The Calypso Bar i Mariehamn.
Pubs and Music

Åland lives day and night

What kind of stories would you be able to tell if your walls were nearly 150 years old? Probably quite a few! Now, the old stone walls of...

Pojke och flicka går hand i hand över klipporna på en ö i den åländska skärgården.
Islands and Archipelago

Unique gems to explore in one of the world’s most beautiful archipelagos

Seeing Åland from the water is always an experience. Rent a kayak, book a boat tour or visit the island realm with your own boat. We are...

Paddling mot horisonten på Åland.

Active holidays among the thousands of islands

Bike along winding roads, hike through forests and across the land, paddle to the outer archipelago - or, what about disc golf, horseback...

Fyren på Lågskär i Ålands skärgård.
Islands and Archipelago

Visit a lighthouse far out to sea

On calm days, an excursion out to one of Åland’s lighthouses is idyllic, almost magical. The lighthouse island rises from the sea...

Slottsbanan vid Ålands Golfklubb med utsikt över Kastelholms slott i morgondis.
Golf on Åland

World-class golf next to the sea

120 top international golfers in the Ladies European Tour agree: Slottsbanan at Ålands Golfklubb is of the highest European standard when it...

Sportfiske med fiskelycka från båt på Åland.
Fishing on Åland

From powerful pike to the challenging sea trout

You’ll get the best fishing experiences with a fishing guide. The guides are engaged sport anglers who make a living from their passion...

Exteriör från vintagebutiken Patina i Mariehamn.

Vintage and Second Hand

Shopping sustainably is really anything but boring. Remember to take a small dose of patience and go for an exciting treasure hunt where the...

Kastelholms slott i Sund på Ålands landsbygd.
Museums on Åland

Cultural history gems - at museums and in everyday life

Explore the events that formed Åland since people first set foot upon its shores thousands of years ago. At that time, life was centred...

En man och fyra barn vid en röd kvarn på ett somrigt Åland.
Åland for children

Holiday memories for the whole family

It’s fun to be a kid in Åland. Here, everything is easygoing, safe and full of experiences! What’s more, the distances are short, so there’s...

Sjöfararkapellet vid Sjökvarteret i Mariehamn.

Maritime Quarter – A quiet quarter full of life

Located close to the Mariehamn city centre, the Maritime Quarter is an oasis for schooners and wooden boats, and also has a little seafarer...

Kvinnor skålar i bubbelpoolen vid Carlsro Badhotell.

Åland favourite – beachfront bar at Carlsro

You can savour the irresistible combination of epicurean delights and beach life at the elegant beachfront bar at the Carlsro spa hotel...

Glamping-tält från Rundhusbyn på Åland.

Åland favourite – Glamping

You’ll be staying overnight in a tent, but sleeping on a mattress in a real bed. In other words, glamping, or glamorous camping, is perfect...

Dansgolvet vid vattnet vid Ålands Dandsbandsfestival. Foto från Dansbandssidan.se.

What appeals most to you?

Different styles of music. Food and drink with archipelago flavours. Viking markets and Christmas markets. Åland has numerous popular events...

Värdparet vid Öfvergårds äppelodling skördar äpplen.
Food from Åland

From spring festivals to autumn delights

You can enjoy the crisp early produce in May and then buy the resulting jams, juices, cheeses and freshly harvested produce in September. We...

Skärgårdsfärjan Gudingen trafikerar mellan öarna på Ålandstrafikens södra linje.
Travel and transports

From island to island by archipelago ferry

Åland has a total of 6,700 islands, each with its very own charm. You can reach some of these easily with Ålandstrafiken archipelago ferries...

Ålands flagga mot blå himmel.
Facts about Åland

Own flag, stamps and legislation

Åland is an autonomous island province. Åland has its own parliament with legislative rights, and its own government. Åland is the oldest...

Tjej som spelar padel på Åland.

Popular padel

PadelCenter Åland offers a new hall with three padel courts and a single court, where you can rent balls and basic rackets, but there is...

Kvinna ombord på Ålandstrafikens skärgårdsfärja.
Travel to Åland

Travelling around Åland

Åland consists of the main island and thousands of other islands of all sizes around it. Many of the bigger islands are inhabited and you...

Par med cyklar som studerar cykelkarta på Åland.

Cultural landscapes by bike

Go cycling north of Mariehamn and experience charming countryside villages, a medieval church and nature’s own cave church deep in a crevice...

Sopranen Sofie Asplund, foto av Marcus Boman.

Åland favourite – World class artists

Music fans will find something to their liking in Åland, regardless of the genre. Sometimes famous international artists perform here...

Skylt vid vandringsleden Långbergen på Åland.

Scenic hiking trail in Långbergen

The first Ålanders were seal hunters who settled down at Långbergen Saltvik during the Stone Age 7,500 years ago. Today, Långbergen is a...

Vindkraftverk vid Båtskären på Åland
Facts about Åland

Åland – with power from nature

With its location in the middle of the sea, awash in salty sea winds, the most hours of sunlight in the Nordic countries and a deep love of...

Hotellrum med kvinna stående på rummets balkong.
Living on Åland

Book a dream stay

Some visitors want to stay in the middle of Mariehamn and enjoy the city’s offerings. Others prefer being out in nature, with the sea for a...

Flygvy över inloppet i Mariehamn.
Travel to Åland

Getting to Åland

It’s easy to get to Åland no matter what time of year it is. Choose between passenger ferries, flights or archipelago ferries. Åland is very...

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