Experience nature with glamour

Glamping med havsutsikt på Åland.

Glamping, in other words glamorous camping, is perfect for you who want to enjoy nature in an adventurous way, but still within your comfort zone.

Glamping is to sleep in a tent amidst nature, but on a mattress in a real bed. Outdoors, but in a spacious tent with high ceiling and comfortable furnishing. Glamping provides the perfect experience to enjoy luxury and glamour in nature, for example at Snäckö Canvas Hotel.

Rundhusbyn also offers glamping tents for rent. You choose the time and place, and the tent will be pitched up and furnished for you. If you want extra comfort you can choose a tent with a stove. Or, rent a sauna tent!

Beaches and campsites are popular sites for glamping, but Rundhusbyn also offers customised all-in-one packages with a tent on a private location on an isthmus in northern Saltvik.

Bath experiences

If you long for a wood heated hot tub or sauna for your accommodation, you can rent one from AX Rent. They offer mobile saunas and hot tubs that are easy to transport on a trailer. At Sandösund Resort in Vårdö you can relax in a floating sauna.

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Snäckö Canvas Hotell & Kajak


Ax Rent

Sandösund resort


Everyman's rights

In Åland the right of common access, Everyman’s rights, is more limited than in Sweden and on the mainland of Finland. Campsites are recommended for an overnight stay, unless you have the landowner’s permission for wild camping. All campsites are located on scenic places by the sea, and they offer bathing beaches, saunas and other services.

Read more about the right of common access at

Potatis och lök i korgar på Åland.
Food from Åland

Be an Axgan – enjoy Åland’s locally produced food

Many farmers and food artisans offer a wide range of locally produced raw produce and food products, such as fruit and vegetable, sea...

Barn som ligger i famnen på en jättestor mjukisbläckfisk som tillhör utställningen Havsmonster vid Ålands sjöfartsmuseum.
Åland for children

What is there hiding in the depths of the sea?

Come and say hello to the giant squid, sea serpent, bloody sea cucumber, sea bishop and other mythical sea creatures at the “Sea Monsters”...

Provsmakning av vin och bubbel med smaktallrik i Vinsmedjan.
Food from Åland

Wine tasting and more at Vinsmedjan

Excellent hospitality, along with food and wines expertise, can be found at Vinsmedjan in Kvarnbo next to Kvarnbo Pensionat and Galleri...

Paddling i solnedgången på Åland.

Kayaking in all directions

Åland is perfect for kayaking, and not only in the summer. Spring and autumn are also excellent seasons for kayaking explorations. When... drivs av Vibb och är ett uppslagsverk för allt som händer och sker på Åland. Här är läsarna och de åländska företagen våra viktigaste källor.

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