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Hotellrum med kvinna stående på rummets balkong.

Some visitors want to stay in the middle of Mariehamn and enjoy the city’s offerings. Others prefer being out in nature, with the sea for a neighbour and a starry sky above. What would you and your companions prefer?

Is your main reason for visiting Åland to experience peace and quiet? Do you dream of waking up and strolling down to the beach for a morning dip, followed by breakfast on the porch?

Close to nature in a cabin

Then, a cottage stay is for you, and there is a wide range of alternatives available. There are cottage “villages”, which have multiple cottages in a given area, or single, standalone cottages. The former is for anyone wanting to socialise with their neighbours. The latter is for those who want peace and solitude, possibly even on an island all to themselves. In order to ensure that you find just what you’re looking for, check out the services offered, such as access to a rowboat, bicycles, canoes, meals and shops.

There are cottages located throughout Åland. If you choose a cottage on one of the islands in the archipelago – Föglö, Kumlinge, Brändö, Sottunga or Kökar – you will be taking one of the inter-island ferries from the main island. The trip can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two and a half hours, depending on the island you have chosen. There are also guesthouses and hotels in the countryside.

Centrally located in Mariehamn

In Mariehamn, you’ll always be close to shopping and entertainment as well as to the nearest beaches. There is no shortage of hotels, guesthouses and cottages to choose from, all within walking distance of the city sights.

And don’t forget – wherever you are staying on the main island, the distances are short and you’ll be able to drive quickly to any of Åland’s sights and activities. You can stay in Mariehamn even if you want to go fishing or golfing – and vice versa. You can also stay on the coast, even if you want to go shopping and visit museums.


Can’t decide?

Just contact Viking Line and Eck­erö Linjen, which have a wide range of choices available and can help you find the alternative that will best suit your own needs. You can also book accommodations at

More sustainable with Green Key

Many hotels, restaurants and other businesses in Åland are certified to display the Green Key label. This shows that the business is committed to the sustainable use of resources and constantly works to reduce its environmental impact.

Målning av Guy Frisk: Längtan, 1973-75.

Guy Frisk's colorful world

Artist Guy Frisk (1943-2022) plays a central role in the Åland Island Art Museum summer exhibition. Frisk was born in Lovisa, moved to Åland...

Marie Backman-Thors och tre andra kvinnor visar färgglada kläder i stora storlekar från klädmärke Dress like Marie.
Samarbete Shopping

Marie opened a clothes shop she had been looking for

Marie Backman-Thors has always loved to wear colours and patterns. She likes clothes so much that she has even created her own brand, Dress like Marie.

Välfylld monter som presenterar livets festligheter i Ålands kulturhistoriska museum.
Museums on Åland

Visually striking and beautiful with traditional folk costumes

Folk costumes always create a festive atmosphere. Tradition meets handicrafts in distinctive clothing, with unique patterns, colours and...

Blöt deltagare i Swim Run på Åland springer upp för klippa.
Sporty island

Nature’s own outdoor gym - a challenge with natural obstacles

Choose Åland for training or competing, using water and wind to up the intensity of your workouts. It is fun and addictive to test your... drivs av Vibb och är ett uppslagsverk för allt som händer och sker på Åland. Här är läsarna och de åländska företagen våra viktigaste källor.

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