Paddling i solnedgången på Åland.

Kayaking in all directions

Åland is perfect for kayaking, and not only in the summer. Spring and autumn are also excellent seasons for kayaking explorations. When...

Flygvy över Baltic Arena för friidrott i Mariehamn.
Sporty island

Sports at Baltic Arena

Mariehamn boasts with several excellent sports facilities, for example the Islandia ice hall and the bowling hall at Idrottsgården, among...

Kvinna vid bänkarna vid Nabbens våtmark i Mariehamn.

Recreation, biodiversity and water protection

The Town of Mariehamn works actively to reduce its environmental impact on the sea, beaches and waterways. The environmental work includes...

Skylt vid vandringsleden Långbergen på Åland.

Scenic hiking trail in Långbergen

The first Ålanders were seal hunters who settled down at Långbergen Saltvik during the Stone Age 7,500 years ago. Today, Långbergen is a...

Sjöfararkapellet vid Sjökvarteret i Mariehamn.

Maritime Quarter – A quiet quarter full of life

Located close to the Mariehamn city centre, the Maritime Quarter is an oasis for schooners and wooden boats, and also has a little seafarer...

Par som promenerar genom järngrind med segelfartygsmotiv i Mariehamn.

Mariehamn – a walking-friendly town

Being close to everything is one of the advantages of a small town. Mariehamn is easy to discover on foot. The distance between the town’s...

Barn som tittar på miniatyrhus vid museet Modellstaden i Mariehamn.
Museums on Åland

Mariehamn in a museum

Would you like to see what Mariehamn looked like a century ago? Mariehamnsmuseet is a small museum displaying a miniature model of the town...

Skogsyoga på Åland.

From adrenaline to relaxation

Many of Åland’s activities provide an exhilarating adrenaline rush, while others offer a calming and enjoyable sense of relaxation. What’s your choice for today?

Vandring med havsutsikt på Kalen på Kökar.

Archipelago hike with magnificent views

Take a trip to Kökar and discover Åland’s southernmost municipality with recollections of Åland’s past. Apart from beautiful archipelago...

Två killar spelar discgolf på Åland

Play disc golf and padel!

More and more people are discovering the fun of disc golf, a sport everyone can play. In Åland, there are several courses to choose from. The racquet sport padel is also growing in popularity.

Glamping med havsutsikt på Åland.

Experience nature with glamour

Glamping, in other words glamorous camping, is perfect for you who want to enjoy nature in an adventurous way, but still within your comfort...

Interiör från Skeppargården Pellas med sommarcafé.

Fill the summer with unique experiences

Ett badhotell, en skeppargård, ett skärgårdshemman och en äppelträdgård. På Åland finns många fina besöksmål, här presenterar vi fyra.

Två personer i varsin kajak som paddlar i Ålands skärgård.

Excellent conditions for kayaking

Seeing Åland from the water is always an experience, from spring to autumn. Rent a kayak and discover one of the world’s most beautiful...

Kastelholms slott i Sund på Ålands landsbygd.
Museums on Åland

Discover the many sights of Kastelholm

Kastelholm is a lovely daytrip destination for the whole family. There is a lot in a small area, including a medieval castle, disc golf...

Badstranden Lilla holmen i Mariehamn.

Pleasant days in the holiday city of Mariehamn

Mariehamn with its beautiful location between two sea inlets offers everything from a dip in the sea to restaurants, entertainment and...

Vy från besöksträdgården Senses på Åland.

Blooming floral experiences for all the senses

Visit a garden or a nature reserve and enjoy nature’s colours, shapes, scents, tastes and structures in combination with peace and harmony...

Barn som ligger i famnen på en jättestor mjukisbläckfisk som tillhör utställningen Havsmonster vid Ålands sjöfartsmuseum.
Åland for children

What is there hiding in the depths of the sea?

Come and say hello to the giant squid, sea serpent, bloody sea cucumber, sea bishop and other mythical sea creatures at the “Sea Monsters”...

Pojke och flicka går hand i hand över klipporna på en ö i den åländska skärgården.
Islands and Archipelago

Unique gems to explore in one of the world’s most beautiful archipelagos

Seeing Åland from the water is always an experience. Rent a kayak, book a boat tour or visit the island realm with your own boat. We are...

Fyren på Lågskär i Ålands skärgård.
Islands and Archipelago

Visit a lighthouse far out to sea

On calm days, an excursion out to one of Åland’s lighthouses is idyllic, almost magical. The lighthouse island rises from the sea...

Slottsbanan vid Ålands Golfklubb med utsikt över Kastelholms slott i morgondis.
Golf on Åland

World-class golf next to the sea

120 top international golfers in the Ladies European Tour agree: Slottsbanan at Ålands Golfklubb is of the highest European standard when it...

Blöt deltagare i Swim Run på Åland springer upp för klippa.
Sporty island

Nature’s own outdoor gym - a challenge with natural obstacles

Choose Åland for training or competing, using water and wind to up the intensity of your workouts. It is fun and addictive to test your... drivs av Vibb och är ett uppslagsverk för allt som händer och sker på Åland. Här är läsarna och de åländska företagen våra viktigaste källor.

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