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Guests are the focus at Rödhamn harbour

Värdinnan Anette Gustafsson med ett fat nybakade bullar vid gästhamnen Rödhamn på Åland.

Rödhamn is one of Åland’s most popular guest harbours. Its location and hospitality are second to none – you’ll be able to land in a safe harbour on the edge of the Sea of Åland, sheltered from all winds. And here, you can take a dip in the sea, have a relaxing sauna and enjoy delicious cinnamon rolls, not to mention Rödhamn’s renowned hospitality.

Many visitors to åland choose to arrive with their own boat. If you come in from the east, you’ll pass through a archipelago with islands as far as the eye can see. Visitors coming in from the west will first have to cross the Sea of Åland, which is big enough that you won’t see any land until you pass the halfway point.

Pleasant Rödhamn

On westerly routes, the guest harbour on Rödhamn is often the first thing you’ll encounter. Many also choose this safe harbour as the last stop before setting out again across the open sea.

The island is a popular excursion destination, and it’s not surprising to see why. The views are spectacular and service is top notch. There is a museum here along with a favourite among kids: a little sand beach with a diving pier. A good idea is to combine a boat tour with dinner or coffee at Café Sjöboden. Keep an eye out for special events, such as friday night beer and grill evenings.

As an overnight guest, you can order fresh-baked breakfast bread and have it delivered directly to your boat. It’s wonderful to start your day with warm Rödhamn rolls, naturally with the daily marine weather forecast printed on the bag.

Discover the Åland archipelago

Åland’s archipelago is a paradise for boaters. The nature here is breathtaking and there are countless route possibilities. Fairways are rarely crowded and guest harbours can be found in just about every corner of Åland. To sail around the entire main island is one of several popular alternatives.

Few visitors pass on Mariehamn, which has two popular guest harbours – MSF on the east side, and ÅSS on the west. Other harbours differ widely from each other. At Havsvidden in the north of Åland, you’ll be neighbours with the wide open expanse of Norrhavet bay, while in Kastelholm, you’ll be tucked right in the middle of Åland’s cultural landscape.

In the archipelago to the east of the main island, there are also several guest harbours where you can go on a hike after mooring to explore the area.

Träningskompisar poserar framför Baltic friidrottsarena i Mariehamn.
Sporty island

Numerous sports halls and plenty of free time

Stay in shape with a sporty adventure in Åland! There are many amateur enthusiasts and active associations here who would be happy to set up...

Kvinnor på skogsyoga med Caroline Henriksson i den åländska skärgårdsskogen.

Åland favourite – forest yoga

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Fiskbricka med olika rätter från Västerro.
Food from Åland

Åland favourite – Västerro

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Utsikt över Indigos uteservering vid lilla torget i Mariehamn en vacker sommarkväll.
Food from Åland

Lilla Torget – its own little world

A tiny little block in the middle of Mariehamn is surrounded by two restaurants with bars and outdoor terraces, a cosy café, two pizzerias... drivs av Vibb och är ett uppslagsverk för allt som händer och sker på Åland. Här är läsarna och de åländska företagen våra viktigaste källor.

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