Pojkar som springer på granitröda klippor vid havet på ön Sälskär.
Islands and Archipelago

Island hopping in the Åland archipelago

Åland has so many islands that not even Ålanders have visited them all. To be precise, there are 6,700 islands in total. How many will you be able to reach in a single visit?

You can either drive around and explore the island realm on your own or follow a ready-made route. The Åland Archipelago Trail is a popular alternative, which makes exploring Åland all year round a snap, whether you’re travelling by car or bike. If you start in Mariehamn, the Archipelago Trail crosses the main island and heads east into the Åland archipelago. You can choose whether to start on the islands in the northern or southern archipelago.

The Åland Archipelago Trail can also be combined with the Archipelago Trail in Finland, which continues in the Turku archipelago via Osnäs or Galtby. This is also the starting point if you are coming to Åland from the east.

Take the archipelago ferry

To get from island to island, you’ll be taking the inter-island ferries of Ålandstrafiken, which seamlessly transport cars, bikes and passengers. And, to sweeten the deal, you’ll be able to enjoy the sea and so many beautiful views – a ferry passage is an experience all on its own. Ferries run from the main island to inhabited islands several times a day. Just remember to book a place for your vehicle in good time! 

Each archipelago municipality has its own unique charm. From Brändö in the north, with its bridges and causeways, to the austere island of Kökar, lying at the southernmost point of the Åland archipelago. Stay a day or two before moving on and by all means make the odd detour. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy some extra time by dining out, seeing sights and savouring island life.

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