Pojke och flicka går hand i hand över klipporna på en ö i den åländska skärgården.
Islands and Archipelago

Unique gems to explore in one of the world’s most beautiful archipelagos

Seeing Åland from the water is always an experience. Rent a kayak, book a boat tour or visit the island realm with your own boat. We are confident in saying that you will have wonderful memories that last a lifetime.

Exploring Åland and its surrounding islands, sea, sky and horizon will give you an unparalleled feeling of freedom.

Near Mariehamn

Located on the approach channel to Mariehamn, Kobba Klintar is easy to reach with or without your own boat. When the flag is hoisted, the café is open. We recommend the Kobba-macka rye-salmon sandwich. The beacon serves as a venue for exhibitions, and humorous art pieces signed by Juha Pykäläinen pop up here and there, including seagulls wearing swim goggles and seals in the harbour basin.

If you climb up to the top of the tower of the pilot station and look to the south, you can just make out Båtskären island in the distance, where the association Friends of the Eider (Ådans Vänner) maintains its eider colony and arranges guided tours in the spring and early summer.

Discover Åland's southern archipelago

Located southwest of Föglö island, Björkör has an archipelago house from the 1700s. The island is a nature reserve and memorial, which provides a unique insight to life in the archipelago long ago. Sältingskär, with its well-preserved cottages from the old fishing village, lies nearby.

Källskär in the Kökar archipelago beckons the visitor with its interesting Ice Age formations and unexpected environments created by Swedish baron Göran Åkerhielm in the 1960s.

Excursions in the north

Islands worth visiting in the northern and eastern archipelagos include Boxö in the Saltviksöarna islands, where you’ll find the largest cave in Åland, the rocks on Saggö island and the Länsmansgrund nature reserve. The northernmost islands are Rannörarna, which is Åland’s last outpost in the Bothnian Bay.

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