Marie Backman-Thors och tre andra kvinnor visar färgglada kläder i stora storlekar från klädmärke Dress like Marie.

Marie opened a clothes shop she had been looking for

Marie Backman-Thors has always loved to wear colours and patterns. She likes clothes so much that she has even created her own brand, Dress like Marie.
- I’ve never had any limitations on how I should dress, she says.

Marie Backman-Thors founded the brand Dress like Marie in 2009. Today she runs the shop together with her daughters Lisa and Emelie. met Marie to learn about clothes as a means of expression. Marie tells about her philosophy:

- All that makes you happy, gives you confidence and emphasizes your femininity, will suit you! If you love blue, you should wear blue, if you love dresses, you should wear dresses. However, I also like to encourage everyone to try new things. What if there is still something that you haven't discovered?

According to Marie many customers who visit her shop in Mariehamn only see their own flaws.
- But the first thing I see is what we can highlight instead – a beautiful bust, a generous butt, a slim waist or a pretty face. With the help of clothes I want to highlight the beauty and focus on personality.

Find your style

Marie is now a grandmother in her sixties, but she still wants to wear colours and patterns.
- I use colours in my home and I have them everywhere around me. That's how I've always been, and it hasn't changed over the years.

According to Marie, finding your own style takes time. Actually, you're never done because style continues to develop throughout your life.
- If your wardrobe is full of clothes and you still feel uninspired, it's often because you haven't identified your style. Then you might need a push in a new direction! Inspiration and hints from an outsider can open your eyes to something new. We’re always happy to help our customers with it!

No limits!

Marie has always been a person who loves to put a little extra into what she wears.
- I’ve noticed that I perform better if I wear something I feel comfortable with. I’ve always been interested in clothes and I’ve had my own style ever since I started dressing up myself. For me, there have never been limitations, or such a thing as "following fashion", or dressing up according to rules. I don't have to dress a certain way just because I'm curvy! I’ve met so many women who, whatever their size, walk around with a negative body image.

Dress like Marie designar kläder för kvinnor med olika former, från små till stora storlekar.
Dress like Marie designs clothes for women of all sizes, small and big alike.

Many customers also come to Marie with preconceived notions about what they can or cannot wear, regardless of what they actually like. Therefore Marie's mission is to disprove all limitations.

- I want to show that it’s perfectly okay to wear stripes and red pants even if your size is 2XL and if you have generous thighs. It's ALL about styling and what you feel good with. Our goal is to produce stylish outfits for all bodies, whether they wear size S or 4XL.

Boosting self-confidence

Marie founded Dress like Marie because she wanted to inspire and make it possible for others to enhance a positive body image.

- My mission is and has always been that you should enjoy who and what you are. Nothing makes us happier than when we find a perfect and stylish outfit for our customer. It fills me with such warmth to see how someone lights up when the garment fits perfectly, highlights the customer’s beauty and makes her feel comfortable, stylish and confident. It reminds me of how important it is that we run our business and continue to spread joy, inspiration and confidence!

About Dress Like Marie

Marie Backman-Thors started buying clothes abroad because she couldn't find anything that suited her style in the stores at home. She brought home bijouterie and unique clothes that were colourful, fit perfectly and made her feel beautiful. Marie's friends also liked the clothes and wanted to buy them. Therefore it didn't take long before she started buying extra accessories and clothes with her back home, and decided to start her own company Dress Like Marie.

In addition to offering carefully selected clothes, shoes and accessories, Dress Like Marie also designs its own unique clothes.

Visit Dress Like Marie at Torggatan 12 in Mariehamn or shop online in the web shop

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