Kvinna skidar på golfbanan med Kastelholms slott i bakgrunden.

Get your blood pumping in a winter landscape

Åland has a favourable climate for activities on snow and ice. When nature beds down for her long winter’s sleep, ski tracks, ski hills and mirror ice fill up with avid winter sports enthusiasts. 

When the ice finally thickens up, you can don your long distance skates and go for a glide out over the ice covered expanses. In a good winter, the season is long. The inland lakes freeze first, followed by the narrow bays, until finally the sea itself is frozen, inviting you all the way out to the archipelago.

Winter swimming is another invigorating trend. Nowadays, almost everyone goes winter swimming - or dreams about it. Åland has the perfect conditions for swimming in the cold - here, it’s usually quite close to the closest pier.


Even though we have no control over the weather gods, the tracks at Åland’s Skiing and Biathlon Centre can be freshly laid even when temperatures don’t want to cooperate. With the help of snow cannons, beautiful tracks for cross country skiing can be made. The colder the winter, the more artificial snow and the longer the throw. In winters with a lot of natural snow, ski tracks are made along Åland’s many lighted paths, sometimes also across golf courses. Ice skating tracks are made at schools.

Others prefer skiing downhill. Germundö Alpin, Åland’s very own alpine skiing centre, invites both downhill skiers and snowboarders to its pistes in Saltvik.

Or, should you be so inclined, there are plenty of indoor winter sports to please, such as curling or figure skating.

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