Värdparet vid Öfvergårds äppelodling skördar äpplen.
Food from Åland

From spring festivals to autumn delights

You can enjoy the crisp early produce in May and then buy the resulting jams, juices, cheeses and freshly harvested produce in September. We simply love the events that let local produce take the spotlight, not to mention that there’s so much good to choose from!

Spring and autumn are times for locals to celebrate in the countryside, when growers, producers and food creators welcome you to their farms and restaurants during the events Åland in Greenery and Harvest Festival. Travel from place to place and take part in “plåpp åpp” (Åland’s version of a pop-up) activities to enjoy delicious produce and a blossoming artisan food scene.

Locally produced

During Åland in Greenery and Harvest Festival, it’s easier than ever to be an “Axgan” - in other words, to eat, drink and buy locally. The concept of “axgan” means you only consume products and produce made in Åland while you are in Åland. Thanks to the many small scale producers and wide range of products, you can enjoy everything from fruits, green vegetables, meats and fish to sea buckthorn, honey and freshly roasted coffee.

To put it another way, it’s easy to fill your glass and plate with local foods and drinks. Many farms grow their own produce. Milk is made into cheese, meat is made into delicious sausages and organisally grown cereals are ground into flour.

Åland food craft

Three Ålandic food producers took part in the Nordic Artisan Food Awards in the autumn of 2022 and all of them won a medal. The gold medal went to apple grower Öfvergårds for its new cider, Eva-Lotta. According to the judges, the cider “is a tart, alcohol-free and interesting drink that is the perfect accompaniment for meals and festive occasions.” The classic apple cider Zonga won a silver medal, but, three weeks later, took gold in the Finnish championship in artisan food.

Another Nordic silver medal and high praise for its texture went to the delicious Kvarnsten bread from Solkulla Gård, while Mattas dairy farm won a bronze medal for its organic hard cheese, Mattas Annie. Did you know that all dairy products from Mattas are named after the farm’s dairy cows?

All the prize winners welcome visitors to their farm shops. Mattas also has a summer café. Solkulla has a bakery, café and a little rolling breadwagon that you can see in the Mariehamn town square. At Öfvergårds, you can go on an apple safari or have a picnic in the apple orchard.

Taste Åland

Amalias limonadfabrik och Mercedes Chocolaterie, Farm shop, Lemland.

Grannas, Snäckö Frukt, Öfvergårds - Apple orchards, north Åland.

Marskogens lamm - Farm shop, finström.

Mattas Dairy farm- Farm shop, café, Sund.

Open Water Brewery - Brewery with its own shop, Lemland.

Peders Aplagård - Farm shop and summer café, Kökar.

Rosteriverket - Coffee roastery, Finström.

Solkulla gård - Bakery, café, Finström.

Ålands Karamelleriet - Artisan candy production, Kastelholm..

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