Kvinnor på skogsyoga med Caroline Henriksson i den åländska skärgårdsskogen.

Åland favourite – forest yoga

Forest yoga. In Åland’s archipelago, yoga instructor Caroline Henriksson wants you to join her for a session of forest yoga, which is a combination of Japanese “forest bathing” (Shinrin-yoko) and soft yoga on the body’s terms.

You’ll start with a wandering sensory meditation in the forest, followed by yoga on the hill, surrounded by forest. Everything ends with a forest version of the savasana (corpse pose), either sitting on a stump or lying in a hammock.

Many experience greater calm in the forest than a yoga room. In the summer, a boat excursion is also possible, with yoga on the rocks and a picnic meal.

Photo: Tiina Tahvanainen

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