Interiör från Vinsmedjan vid Kvarnbo Pensionat.
Food from Åland

Wine tasting and more at Vinsmedjan

Excellent hospitality, along with food and wines expertise, can be found at Vinsmedjan in Kvarnbo next to Kvarnbo Pensionat and Galleri Skarpans.

Visit Vinsmedjan’s summer café, open in July from Wednesday to Saturday. Enjoy fine wines by the glass, eat hearty sandwiches, creamy soups or choose delicacies from pastry chef Laura’s selection. Feel free to combine a coffee break with a visit to the July exhibition ”Woman Seas” by photo artist Tiina Tahvanainen in Galleri Skarpans.

Vinsmedjan’s popular wine tasting evenings start in autumn. Book a culinary wine tasting together with hostess and sommelier Ella Grüssner Cromwell-Morgan. The evening tastings have different themes, including food and wine combinations, and tastings of sparkling wines. The sessions start with an aperitive in the art gallery and continue at Vinsmedjan where Ella presents four selected wines for the evening.

Together with her husband Martin, Ella has visited a great number of vineyards and offers fascinating anecdotes that enhance the entire tasting experience. A tasting platter with wines is a good starter and, for a main course, you can enjoy a hearty oven-baked seasoned bread, which is Vinsmedjan’s luxurious version of pizza.

Prestigious craft beverages

Åland breweries and distilleries produce many noble beverages of different tastes, from crafted beers and ciders to strong alcohol beverages. There are two artisanal breweries, Open Water Brewery and Stallhagen. Åland Distillery produces local gin, long drink and other unique spirits.

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