Skylt vid vandringsleden Långbergen på Åland.

Scenic hiking trail in Långbergen

The first Ålanders were seal hunters who settled down at Långbergen Saltvik during the Stone Age 7,500 years ago. Today, Långbergen is a popular hiking destination with beautiful sea views and interesting history.

The area around Långbergen is the highest in Åland. Due to post-glacial rebound the land has risen after the end of the last Ice Age 10,000 years ago. Up on the hilltops there are traces of ancient shingle beaches which are now located 100 metres above sea level.

The 5.5-kilometre long nature trail in Långbergen is medium difficult and signposted with white stones. You can start at the northern car park and take the culture path southwards past Östra Jansmyra, one of the oldest Stone Age settlements in Åland. Or you can also start in the south and walk north from Vargstensslätten.

Both trails lead through a forest up to the hill. The sea view of the northern archipelago is well worth every uphill step.

From Långbergen you can also see the highest point of Åland, Orrdalsklint with 129 metres above sea level.

Feel free to bring a picnic. Along the trail there are several picnic spots.

Art and history

Before or after hiking in Lånbergen you can visit the Cultural History Museum of Åland and learn more about the life in Åland thousands of years ago.

On the way to Långbergen you will pass Kvarnbo village. The art gallery Skarpans attracts with contemporary art and exhibitions. Combine art with a coffee at Vinsmedjan next door, or at Glassboden Café in the same village.

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