Uteserveringen vid Restaurang ÅSS vid västra hamnen i Mariehamn.
Food from Åland

Great selection of restaurants to enjoy

Åland has many fine restaurants in many different environs and sceneries. Choose your favourite ones!

Many restaurants in Mariehamn are beautifully located next to the sea in the town’s two marinas. In the east you can choose between F.P von Knorring, Brasserie Ångbåtsbryggan, Club Marin, Arken Garden, Pub Niska and the restaurant ship M/S Sunnan II which offers lunch and dinner cruises. The best evening sun can be found in the western harbour at restaurant Nautical, ÅSS Paviljongen and Pub Albin.

In the town centre you can also choose from many restaurants,  such as Compagniet, which is perfect for just hanging out. Surrounded by draperies and Oriental rugs, you and your gang can eat well, savour some exciting gin drinks and play a round of shuffleboard, boule and billiards. Indigo Restauran & Bar, Boquerian, Park Restaurant & Bar and the summer restaurant Arken Garden are also popular.

In the countryside or on the waterfront

For culinary experiences in the countryside, visit Michael Björklund’s restaurant Smakbyn in Sund, Mormors Gröna Hus in Lemland or sit down next to apple orchards at Grannas Bistro in Finström.

In the archipelago the restaurants are often located on the waterfront with unparalleled sea views. Worth a visit are Brudhäll on Kökar, Restaurant Salteriet on Sottunga, Hamnmagasinet on Vårdö and Seagram on Föglö.

On the main island choose the seafront restaurants Gastropub Bodegan and Restaurant Q in Eckerö, and Lolo’s Seaside Café & Restaurant in Geta.

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