Keramik från Åland.

Focus on ceramics from Åland

During the 1980s, ceramics and pottery gained in popularity thanks to many ceramists who had moved to Åland. Some of them are still active and welcome visitors to their studios, and there is a new generation coming up!

“It feels good to be a part of people’s everyday lives” says potter Judy Kuitunen about her functional ceramics and utensils. You will find her ceramics and art in the beautiful old slaughterhouse in Gölby, open in July.

In Hammarland countryside, Siv and Simon Linney at Lugnet Keramik welcome visitors to their ceramics studio in summertime. Lugnets’ stoneware items, and ceramics by Maj Branders and Mia Englund, can also sold at SALT in the Maritime Quarter. Mia Englund runs her studio and shop at Smakbyn where you can buy her design ceramics as well as make your own pottery. If you are curious about ceramics, you can book Mia’s ceramics classes or try the pottery wheel at her drop-in classes during the year.

More pottery

Also Viktor Crafts & Design presents ceramics. Kastanj Formgivning has delightful utility ceramics and interior details, including a flower pot shaped as imaginative face with ears and ring in the nose and the plant itself as the hair. There is also a lot of plain everyday ceramics, such as bowls with spouts, jugs and pots.

Selected ceramics are also available in the museum shop at the Åland Museum of Cultural History.

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