Vy från besöksträdgården Senses på Åland.

Blooming floral experiences for all the senses

Visit a garden or a nature reserve and enjoy nature’s colours, shapes, scents, tastes and structures in combination with peace and harmony.

The visitor garden SENSES, in Lemland, cannot be described with words as it needs to be seen with your own eyes. This large and generous garden offers plenty of inspiration and surprises. The hosts, Marcus and Birgitta, have succeeded in creating an immersive experience for all the senses. The garden is in bloom throughout the season and the plants transform in to others from early spring to late autumn appearing like big brushstrokes as plants of the same variety create a mass effect of spectacular bright colour scales. Check the garden’s and cafés opening hours before your visit.

In the middle of Mariehamn, behind a yellow-painted fence on Nygatan, there is the ecological garden Mariero taking shape and is open to public daily from 8am until 8pm.

If you prefer to pick fresh flowers then Älvdalens Trädgård in Finström offers slow flowers; cut flowers for self-picking in season grown under natural conditions. There is also a self-service flower stall nearby.

Nature walks

Enjoy peace and harmony with floral splendour in Åland’s nature reserves. Near Mariehamn is Ramsholmen, known for both the ramson and the white anemone meadows alongside the wooded meadow of Nåtö in a cultural landscape. If you want to see the snake’s head fritillary in bloom be sure to visit Höckböleholmen in Geta.

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