Vandring med havsutsikt på Kalen på Kökar.

Archipelago hike with magnificent views

Take a trip to Kökar and discover Åland’s southernmost municipality with recollections of Åland’s past.

Apart from beautiful archipelago nature, Kökar also has an interesting history. In the Middle Ages, King Valdemar’s passage ran through Kökar which was an important stop for crossings to and from Reval, today known as Tallinn. At this time, also a sailors’ chapel and a Franciscan monastery were built on Hamnö. Today, you can visit the monastery cellar near the church displaying archaeological finds from the excavations or go hiking on the culture trail and see the most important historical remains of the site.

Along the Kalen hiking trail you can see Otterböte prehistoric burial mounds and settlements from a seal hunters’ colony from the younger Bronze Age and older Iron Age. The 7-kilometre-long trail (or the 12 km one, depending on where you start) runs from medium to difficult hilly terrain but is mostly on a rocky surface. An adventure with magnificent views of the open sea, diverse archipelago nature and remains from World War I & II.

If you want to know more about Kökar’s history you can visit the homestead museum, or join a guided tour to the unique island of Källskär and see interesting natural rock formations as well as houses and gardens created by Swedish baron Göran Åkerhielm.

Finally, you can enjoy a meal at Peders Aplagård, Brudhäll and Havspaviljongen.

By archipelago ferry

The ferry from the main island runs along the Southern line from Långnäs harbour, about 30 km from Mariehamn. One way ferry crossing takes 2.5 hours. Make a booking for your vehicle in advance!

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