Kvinna vid bänkarna vid Nabbens våtmark i Mariehamn.

Recreation, biodiversity and water protection

The Town of Mariehamn works actively to reduce its environmental impact on the sea, beaches and waterways. The environmental work includes the town’s two wetlands which offer as much pleasure as benefit.

At the far end of the bay, which lies along the eastern side of Mariehamn, there is Nabben’s multifunctional wetland that is open to visitors. The purpose of the wetland is to purify rainwater that flows into the bay and protect our bio-diversity. Meadow flowers have been sown on the banks to attract butterflies and bumblebees. There are also nesting boxes for birds and the wetland has been stocked with pike fry.

The area is accessible with trails and ramps and information signs highlight notable flora and fauna in the area. Nabben’s wetland won the Nordic Council’s Environmental Award year 2022.

New wetland in Apalängen

Construction of wetlands and ponds are two natural methods that are often used to purify water. At the very end of the bay, on Mariehamn’s western side, there is Apalängen’s multifunctional wetland at the mouth of the Sviby river. While the wetland absorbs nutrients all year round, pike, among other fish, spawn in the shallow pond in March and April.

The newly created wetland opened for visitors in spring 2023. Here you can go walking along a nature trail and climb up a birdwatching tower. Apart from recreation and enjoying the plant and animal life up close, the wetland also has an important function as a nutrient trap and a place for biodiversity.

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