En man och fyra barn vid en röd kvarn på ett somrigt Åland.
Åland for children

Holiday memories for the whole family

It’s fun to be a kid in Åland. Here, everything is easygoing, safe and full of experiences! What’s more, the distances are short, so there’s no need to go on a long car trip anywhere.

Is there anything more summery than to run barefoot on sun-warmed rocks or build a sandcastle at the water’s edge? Sun and swimming are actually all that’s needed to keep the whole family happy and satisfied. In Åland, there are swimming beaches in every direction. You can always find one in the lee.

Little ones love sandy beaches, while older kids want diving towers. Bamböle at Finström has both. The long beach at Degersand, with its uninterrupted horizon, is another popular spot. Don’t forget to try Svinö’s new diving tower, which was named after the heavyweight boxer Robert Helenius.

Exciting adventures

Flowpark is a load of fun for everyone from schoolchildren on up. Up among the pines at Vårdö, you’ll get a healthy dose of adrenaline and plenty of challenges. Flowpark has five courses at different heights. Don’t be surprised if the kids are the best at getting through all the most difficult obstacles. The zipline at the end of the course is the most fun.

The activities at Smart Park are popular among small children. Pet animals, drive a pedal car and don’t forget to bring along a swimsuit for the water park. While at Smart Park, older kids can jump into the action with a round of Laser Tag at the Sparks Laser Arena.

Fun activities

Käringsund Resort in Eckerö is perfect for mums and dads who want a peaceful, adult meal on the outdoor terrace, while watching the kids alternate between salty dips in the sea and splashing in the pool.  Or, you can buy an activity bracelet, which includes everything from miniature golf to pedalboats.

Located right nearby is Leklandet in Eckeröhallen, which is filled with trampolines and inflatable play equipment during the summer. Or, why not go on a game safari to see fallow deer, wild boar and ostriches in game enclosures.

Nice excursions

Excursions with a coffee break are always appreciated. In addition to the swimming beaches, it’s fun to stop at a cosy little café or a museum with a flea market, such as Nybonds in Krogstad or the Önningeby Museum in Jomala.

Another kids’ favourite is Soltuna, with its disc golf course and hiking to the Geta caves or along the kid-friendly Trollstigen (Troll Path). Many museums also have activities for children.

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