Interiör från Skeppargården Pellas med sommarcafé.

Fill the summer with unique experiences

A beach hotel, a skipper’s homestead, an archipelago homestead and an apple orchard. There are many charming places to visit.

Enjoy beach life at the elegant beachfront bar at Carlsro Badhotell in Degerby. Settle down on one of the red-and-white striped sun loungers whilst having a refreshing drink and then take a dip in the sea. Feel free to combine this with an overnight stay at the hotel, beach sauna and have a Danish-Ålandic smørrebrød sandwich.

Skipper’s homestead Pellas in Lemland contains a significant amount of Åland maritime history. Today, the stately farmhouse is a welcoming museum with a summer café that serves traditional Åland pancakes. Enjoy the atmosphere and get a glimpse of life in the Åland countryside at the turn of the last century. Nearby is the sea with smooth red granite rocks and a fantastic view of the Lumparn sea inlet.

Apples and islands

In the middle of the Åland apple orchard area lies Tjudö village. Here, the apple farmers at Öfvergårds invite you to an apple safari, a wonderful tasting experience amidst the farm’s orchards along with the very best raw pressed apple juices Åland can offer. A real apple exploration! Here you can book a little wheel carriage for a picnic and enjoy a break under the trees in the orchards.

The Silverskär Islands with its four separate islands is unique and, this summer, all visitors and guests have the opportunity to visit the islands and enjoy the surroundings of the old archipelago home. Book a summer dinner at Silverskär, or join a guided tour to a barren island of Klobben, a modern old-style fishing camp on the edge of the sea.

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