Personer på gångbron över till fartyget Pommern i Mariehamn.
Museums on Åland

Ett äventyr på havet, men tryggt vid kajen

It is an experience unto itself to see the sailing ship Pommern moored in the harbour, surrounded by modern cruise liners and recreational boats. This year, the stately vessel turns 120 years old.

To be able to climb aboard the Pommern and join a fictional 100-day voyage around the world is like winning a golden ticket for an unforgettable adventure! The experience is centred around a fictional voyage in the 1930s, which will take you on the “Grain Race” from Mariehamn to Australia, around Cape Horn and back home again. Even though the characters in the crew are made up, the events actually happened aboard the Pommern, but not all on the same voyage.

An experience in three parts

The experience begins outside on the weather deck, where you will walk about and eavesdrop on the crew with the help of an audio guide. What’s even more fun is that kids and adults can share the experience together. While adults listen to their audio guide, kids can do the same adventure with ship’s rat, Ruby keeping them company.

Afterwards, you can actually try out and do things yourself on Deck 2 before finishing the tour all the way down in the hold with a mind-blowing sound and light show that simulates the weather. Everything from full storm to calm in just five minutes. The experience is even more intense if you move about on the hold floor during the show instead of just standing still.

Åland's maritime cultural heritage

Also worth a look is the Maritime Museum’s main exhibition, where the Cabinet of Curiosities, filled with all manner of souvenirs brought home by seafarers, is a popular attraction. Here you’ll find a truly unique pirate flag, one of only two genuine flags in the whole world.

Kids love Ruby and the Sea, an imaginative children’s room, and the Sea Monsters exhibition, with its massive monsters and funny rhymes. A real tickle and absolutely just scary enough. You can read, listen, run about and even give a hug, if you dare!

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