Sittkoff's Shopping Centre - A meeting place in a shopping town

Sittkoff's shopping centre, with its well-stocked shops and central location on the pedestrian street in Mariehamn, is a given if you like to shop.

- We offer a shopping experience in a relaxed environment, says the President of Sittkoff, Leif-Anders Mattsson, and we offer some 20 shops and a cafeteria - all under the same roof. Park conveniently under the shopping centre or come by bus, which stops nearby.

Quality products
The Sittkoff's shopping centre
is like a miniature town in itself – stroll along the narrow streets with names such as Kofferdigränd or Markströmsgränd, and discover the fine merchandise selections. In the many cosy shops in the shopping centre you'll find clothes, shoes, home decorations, camera equipment, household appliances, mobile phones, beauty products, watches, clocks, Åland delicacies and much more.

On the shelves there are also many quality brand names such as Kosta Boda, Tommy Hilfinger, Esprit, Vagabond, Kalevala, Lapponia, OBH Nordica, Elisabeth Arden, Lumene, Canon, Nikon and Pentax.

Apart from all of this, Sittkoff also offers a visit to the hair dresser or a relaxing floating experience in a weightless bath chamber.

When you get hungry for lunch, dinner or just a cup of coffee, you may want to pay a visit to Havtorn Kök & Bar or the fast food restaurant Hesburger.

- In the Sittkoff's Shopping Centre you'll always find something for the whole family - experience the atmosphere, go bargain hunting in our shops or have a cup of coffee while you look at people walking by, Leif-Anders hints.


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