Designers with Åland as a base and the world as a market

The designer couple Maria Korpi and Adam Gordon have Åland as their base and the world as a market. Together they have built their business KorpiandGordon step by step.

They create patterns that are printed on fabrics and that appear on pillows, towels, pot grabs and aprons. The patterns are also available on potholders and trays.

Different styles
Maria, with her roots on the Åland islands, and Adam, who is from England, have different styles and meet somewhere in the middle of their creative process. Maria loves flowers and isn't afraid to be creative, while Adam is more conservative. He often designs simple patterns. For example has a pot, a pair of scissors, a knife and a fork and especially the pot, been successful in Japan.

"We use each other as a springboard and discuss our patterns. Some details can be changed after each has had their say," says Maria Korpi.

Korpi-Gordon has also introduced the fabric collection "Gunnel" with six different floral patterns for IKEA.

Workshop in an old dairy
KorpiandGordon's workshop is in the old dairy at Köpmansgatan 11 in Mariehamn. They make many of their products themselves from A to Z. They design the pattern, print it manually on fabric, sew towels, kettle holders and other products and deliver to resellers in many places around the world.

Carl Malmsten's shop at Strandvägen in Stockholm, the department store Le Bonne Marché in Paris and the art museum Louisiana outside Copenhagen are some of the places where you can find the couple's designs outside Åland.

In Åland the KorpiandGordon products can be found in Fyndet in the shopping mall Sittkoffs and in Judys hantverk och inredning on Köpmansgatan in Mariehamn.

Finding a partner
The next step in the business development is to find a partner that can take care of the manufacturing of the textile products - somebody that prints patterns and sews.

"That way we can fully concentrate on the design," says Maria Korpi and Adam Gordon.

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