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Åland Art Handicrafts

The artistic handicraft tradition is alive and well in Åland. The Åland art crafters combine old handicraft traditions with new creativity. In the craft shops you'll find creations made of natural materials such as wood, textile, wool, leather, metal and clay.

Art handicrafts mean products that are not only well made, but also with good form and function, says the Ålands Slöjd & Konsthantverk r.f. association. An art crafter is responsible for both planning and design as well as the technical and practical realisation - compared to a designer that mainly plans the product or the crafter that often works with existing models.

- Art handicrafts have developed into something between traditional handicraft and the designs that appeared with industrial revolution, the association continues. When it comes to Åland, art handicrafts got their upswing in the early 80's when several potters were established. Since then art handicrafts have developed powerfully and risen to the level where they are now.

High quality
Ålands Slöjd & Konsthantverk further explains that it's the great variety, the quality and a distinctive style that is characteristic of Åland art handicrafts.
- There is much variety because there are art crafters in many areas that use techniques such as textile, metal, wood, ceramics, and glass but also thanks to the individual art crafter's vast selection of products. Additionally the Åland art crafts have a high quality level both when it comes to form and function as well as technique.

- Characteristic is also the local connection to the archipelago - many of the products connect in this way, in the artist's choice of material, form and function, the association adds. They are also distinguished by their availability, because crafts from Åland are sold in many different places. Art craft exhibits are continually arranged, especially in the summer.

Fine memories
Handicrafts from Åland give a fine and lasting memory from Åland.
- An art handicraft product from Åland is not only a memory that reminds you of a place or an experience; it's also a beautiful and functional product. The great variety is assurance that there are products for everybody!



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