On your own in Geta

Geta is the northernmost municipality of Åland and is well suited for a day trip with car or bicycle. The roads are hilly and if you arrive with your bicycle there will be one or two hills to pedal up.
Start your day with a trip to Getabergen’s lookout tower to get a view over the area. The lookout tower is situated next to the Soltuna Café & Restaurang which is situated on top of the hill. From there you can look out over the sea Norrhavet and its horizon.

A five kilometre long hiking trail starts at the lookout tower ,which among other places takes you to the caves in Geta. There is a shorter trail for younger hikers - the troll path - which is one kilometre long. After the hike you are probably ready to have a good lunch at the Soltuna patio.

Several cafés
In Geta there are several cafés where you can have a cup of coffee and rest tired feet. Pettas Café is located westwards along the Geta road in an old elementary school. At Pettas café you can drink coffee in the lovely garden. Everything served is made from ecological raw materials. After your coffee break you can have a look at the handicraft exhibition and shop on the second floor, or why not buy some ecological bread? In the same area in Finnö you can also look for Linastugans Hantverk, a handicraft shop where Inga Snellman sells her hand-woven textiles and rope crafts.

Swimming and culture
An outing is not complete unless you have a swim in the sea. In Geta there are several nice beaches. Knutnäs and Hällö are marked on the map. Knutnäs is a pleasant little beach with a pier and a diving tower. You reach Knutnäs by driving through the Geta village (Geta by) and then follow the signs. Hällö is reached by following the Geta road as far as possible to the west.

After a refreshing bath, a visit to the Geta church is recommended. The church is a fine example of the old stone churches that are located in several of the Åland municipalities. The Geta church was built in the 1400’s and is open for visitors daily.

Bergmans Fisk & Rökeri is another hint. The fish shop is located along the way to Dånö. Here you can buy a smoked whitefish or something else suitable for dinner.

Dinner in Geta
If you also want to stay in Geta in the evening we can recommend a dinner at Havsvidden. Havsvidden is situated by the sea Norrhavet and has an archipelago-inspired menu of the highest class.

If you want to stay overnight in Geta there are several possibilities. Apart from Havsvidden’s luxurious hotel rooms, there are several holiday villages to choose from, for example Dånö beach villas or the overnight cabins at Soltuna Café & Restaurang.
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