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Lågskär – 59° 50,5’ N 19° 55,0’ E

The Lågskär Lighthouse, with its characteristic silhouette, is 15 nautical miles south of Mariehamn. It is a low, rugged island where visitors may even visit a shore with round rocks.

Already in the 1600’s and 1700’s there was a cairn and later a large beacon made of wood. Later the beacon was built into a lighthouse and was lighted for the first time in 1840. It was Åland’s first lighthouse and the island had about 20-30 inhabitants.

The original wooden lighthouse was too weak and with time a lighthouse of stone was built instead. It was destroyed in WW1.

The lighthouse that today sits in Lågskär was finished in 1920. It is 33 meters tall and its shape reminds one of a pyramid.

Life on Lågskär

In the book “Lågskär I Ålands hav”, Håkan Slotte writes about the island life. While the lighthouse-keepers at the neighboring island Bogskär had to live isolated for months on their little island, there was a living little lighthouse society on Lågskär. The keepers had their families with them on the island.

Each lighthouse keeper family had a cow, a few chickens and sometimes a few pigs. Beside the work with the lighthouse, fishing and hunting were important chores.

In the beginning of the 30’s there were five children of school age on the island. A teacher was assigned to them and Lågskär had its own school.

In 1961 the lighthouse was automated and the staff left. 120 years of lighthouse keeping o Lågskär thereby ended.

Popular among ornithologists

The island has for a long time been a site for bird observations and nowadays the old buildings are used by visiting ornithologists.

Photo: Jonas Grönlund, Ålands Fågelskyddsförening

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