On your own in Vårdö

You travel to Vårdö quickly and conveniently with a cable ferry from Prästö in Sund. The journey is just five minutes which makes Vårdö Åland’s closest archipelago island. In Vårdö you will find all you need for a really nice day with a dip in the sea, culture and archipelago.

Vårdö has an exciting past worth taking a closer look at. You should start your day with a visit to Seffers folk museum. In the vicinity was the Lövö congress in 1718-1719 when Peter the Great and King Karl XII tried to end the great Nordic war. At Seffers folk museum you can get acquainted with many old artifacts. Admission is free. Nearby you will find the Åland school museum. Its items from all over Åland depict an Ålandish school at the end of the 1800’s.

Simskäla in the north
After the museum visit a tour farther out in the archipelago is suitable. The island Simskäla is situated in northern Vårdö, and it is easy to reach whether you are travelling by car or bicycle. Simskäla with its genuine outer archipelago atmostphere is a fantastic place for a visit. You can reach Simskäla with yet another cable ferry. The ferry operates without a timetable 24/7.

Near the ferry harbor in Simskäla is Stormskärs Värdshus where the host couple serve fish and ecological meats from their own Highland Cattle stock. In the daytime you can have lunch or just a cup of coffee. In the evening the á la carte restaurant is at your disposal.

Accommodations in Vårdö
After the Simskäla tour you can go back the same way you came and turn in to Sandösunds camping. Here you can lay in the sun on the beach or have a cup of coffee on the patio. If you want to stay overnight, you can rent a cottage or a room. If you have camping gear with you, you can also set up your tent or park your mobile home here. Bomans Gästhem is another alternative if you are looking for a place to stay. There you will stay in personable rooms in a place of great natural beauty near the old Mail Route.

Classic country store
In the center of Vårdö in the lush village Vargata is Vårdö Närbutik which is a classic country store. Visit the store and buy an ice-cream or why not some evening snacks to enjoy at a peaceful shore.

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