Many museums in Åland

SEE & DO. The museums in Åland have many interesting stories to tell. The exhibitions have everything from hunting, fishing and the dramatic postal route across the sea, to archipelago culture, fire trucks and art history.

  • Folk Museums: a visit to a folk museum or homestead museum in Åland lets you discover a time very different from today's modern society. Here you'll find artefacts, old buildings and environments that tell the story of the self sufficient times in Åland.

  • Cultural history museums: Learn more about Ålands cultural history by visiting a museum. The experiences cover everything from the medieval castle in Kastelholm via the fortress ruins in Bomarsund to the fire brigade and the town Mariehamn in the 1920's. You are guaranteed many experiences and new impressions.

  • Maritima museer: ingen annan näring har präglat Åland och det åländska folket lika starkt som sjöfarten. Om du vill bekanta dig närmare med Ålands stolta sjöfartstraditioner skall du besöka Ålands fina maritima museer med upplevelser av allt från allmogeseglation till ståliga segelfartyg.

Four experiences with the museum card

With the museum card it is easy to discover the museums in Åland. The museum card is 12 Euro and it includes four museum visits of your choice. You can buy the museum card at most museums, in hotels in Mariehamn or from the Åland Tourism Board at Storagatan 8, phone: +358 18 2400.

Most of the larger museums in Åland are open all year round while the smaller museums are closed in the winter. However, most can still be visited in low season by prior arrangement.

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