In the depths of the ocean I saw a ship!

The Åland sea is a haven for shipwreck diving. Altogether there are some 500 known wrecks in the sea surrounding Åland, but it is estimated that the figure could be doubled.

The shipwreck diving sites in Åland are extremely well preserved thanks to a unique diving legislation. Down at the wrecked vessels it feels as if time stands still. It looks as if the ship sank yesterday with all its details still intact.

"There are complete wooden ship wrecks where you get the feeling that you could surface the ship and go sailing again", says Ville Lundqvist at Oceanic Tech Åland. "They still have ship bells, ship's wheels, ship's telegraphs and other things that you only see in museums nowadays."

"The visibility is usually also good; visibility of up to 20 meters is not uncommon", Christian Ekström at Upplevelsefartyget Hagge adds. "The visibility is best in April until the beginning of June and in between August and December."

The wrecked ships are close to each other in the Åland archipelago, where more than 500 known shipwrecks have taken place. The ice breaker Hindenburg, the steam ship Notung and the three masted steel bark Plus are a few examples of some fine wrecks. Plus is similar to the museum ship Pommern and it will give your diving experience an extra dimension if you start by taking a round trip onboard Pommern before you dive to Plus to see the same views under the surface of the sea.

Book your diving experience
The diving season is long in Åland. It begins in April and lasts until December. Always book your diving tour in Åland by contacting diving guides such as Oceanic Tech Åland or Upplevelsefartyget Hagge. They have great know-how about diving spots, the history of the ships and required permits. The diving guides also adjust the diving according to your experience and education levels.

The diving packages include free air, accommodation, boat transport, guiding at the diving site and also full pension when you make your reservation with Hagge. Onboard the adventure ship Hagge not only divers will enjoy themselves. The tour can be tailored to suit families and be an adventure for everybody, not just the diver.

"Hagge is the only live aboard vessel in the Baltic Sea", says Christian. "We can take 10 divers and we offer everything from day tours to week tours with our ship."

Both Oceanic Tech Åland and Hagge also offer diving courses.

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