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Great surfing in Åland

There are many possibilities for surfing in Åland – choose between windsurfing, wave surfing and kite surfing. At best you can expect one of your best ever opportunities for surfing.

"'This is the best surfing I have had in Finland or Sweden!', is a comment I hear frequently", says windsurfer Marcus Björke.

"Yes, in Åland we have all the prerequisites; there is water everywhere and all kinds of winds", adds Johan Söderström, also a passionate windsurfer.

The best spots
Along the coasts are several fine surfing spots and considering all 6 500 islands, there are still many unexplored places. Marcus has several tips:
"The water around Brokvik and Lökviken in Hammarland, Lumparn and Herrö in Lemland, Getaön in Geta and Degersand, Stryrsingsudden and Berghamn in Eckerö are a few promising examples."

The local surfers often use the sea bay Slemmern on the eastern side of Mariehamn as a close alternative. Just south of the swimming centre Mariebad is the surf house of Mariehamns Seglarförening Windsurfing. They also offer beginner's courses in surfing.

A long season
The season for the really tough surfers lasts as long as there is no ice while most surfers seem to enjoy May to October. Autumn is an especially good season for surfing among the islands.

"In autumn the winds are at their best and most even. It is not unusual with winds of 10 m/s several days in a stretch", Marcus says. "The temperature is about 10-20 C in the air and just about the same in the water."

Useful information
There is no local surf shop in Åland, so to get the most out of your stay you should bring your own spare equipment.

"A good day usually means that things will break down", Johan concludes with a smile.

Also remember to always respect the rules of Right of Public Access when you move about in nature.

Photo: Stefan Lindén

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