A wonderful MC holiday on the Åland islands

Motorcycling is an excellent way to explore the Åland islands. Cruise along granite-red winding roads, see the sea glitter and enjoy being close to nature.

The main island is just 45 km from south to north and 50 km from east to west. Still there are a total of 900 km of roads and many new experiences. Exploring Åland in company with the Tourist and Bicycle map is easy. The map is for sale in local book shops and in the Åland Tourist information on Storagatan 8 in Mariehamn.

See and experience

Many of the roads in Åland offer really nice cruising. Here is an example of a route along winding small roads:

If you want to have a set destination for your outing, we recommend sights such as the Kastelholm castle and the Bomarsund fortress ruins. Also the beach Degersands havsbad in Eckerö is a nice destination. Here you can go for a swim and have a cup of coffee in the café at Degersand's camping ground. You can also visit Ålands Bryggeri in Grelsby, Finström and buy Åland beer for dinner.

Åland's many restaurants and café's can also be a destination for a pleasant excursion. You will find them in all four directions - for example Café Lugn & Ro in Eckerö, Café Stickstugan in Järsö and Restaurant Havsvidden in Geta. You can also continue to the archipelago and visit the Stormskär Restaurant and café on the island Simskäla in Vårdö, Havspaviljongen on Kökar or Enighetens Gästhem and Café in Föglö.

Visit the archipelago

To get further out among the islands in the archipelago you can travel with the archipelago ferries run by Ålandstrafiken. You don't have to make reservations for the ferries to the archipelago islands of Vårdö and Föglö but on all other routes you should make your reservations in good time, especially in high season. The ferry ride is free for passengers but there is a fee for motorcycles.

Normally there are ropes onboard the archipelago ferries, but we still advice that you pack your own ropes and ratchet bands just in case, so that you can secure your motorcycle well.

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