Open Air Museum of Jan Karlsgården

Jan Karlsgården is a landscape open air museum which includes examples of Åland’s country houses, mainly from the 18th and 19th centuries. The museum was founded in the 1930s and comprises buildings which had been moved there from different places from all over Åland. The farm comes from Jan Karls in Finström Bamböle.

Jan Karlsgården has been established as a typical Åland farm from the second half of the 19th century and is includes manor house with dwelling houses, a little guest house, secondary dwelling houses, a loft house and a stable, as well as a farmyard with stables, barns, ox stables and sheep houses. The kiln, the sauna and the blacksmith workshop are located further away from the farm. The windmills typical for Åland are also represented with several different types.

Sometimes the open air museum organizes activities which relate to the original functions of a farm or a village in a traditional way. For example, the Midsummer celebrations in which by tradition the team of the village arranges the rising of an Åland maypole and the annual Lilla Julmarknaden (Little Christmas Market) with thousands of visitors. Every Wednesday in July is an activity day at the farm, where old-time craftsmanship is shown and there are also products for sale.

Open 2019
May 2nd – September 15th everyday from 10.00-17.00  

Entrance:  Free entrance


The buildings on Jan Karlsgården shows a typical Åland farm from the late 1800s.