Schnapps with the Åland pancake? Of course - at Silverskär!

Experience a different conference or group trip on the island Silverskär - an old archipelago farmstead in the Åland archipelago with a view across the mighty Norrhavet. At Silverskär the food experience is an important part of a successful stay at the island.

- For 20 years we have for example served our Åland pancake with plum jam and whipped cream and schnapps, right after our guests have arrived, says Silverskär's hostess Kickan Sundblom. It's an old Åland tradition that we now follow.
- Silverskär's own fish soup, that we call "Mikael Lax fisksoppa" is also a piece of Åland history - even if it nowadays contain a bit more cream that it used to.

Food memories
Kickan also has many of her own food memories and tips for Åland delicacies:
- There is the black bread of course and ÅCA's fine cheeses - the cheese and other Åland delicacies are getting increasingly more popular as gifts. Typically from Åland are also the pig feet and the "kålrotslåda" (turnip pudding) that we serve on the Christmas table.

Kickan's own personal favourite is fried pickled herring á la her mother in law Hagar with Hagar's sea buckthorn crème and whipped cream as dessert.
- That is intensely good!

Distinctive for the Silverskär kitchen is the use of fish and local produce,
- For lunch we always try to serve home cooked Åland food, such as fried pike patties. We also try to modernize the Åland tastes and mix the old with the new.


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