Sample wines with Ella

Get acquainted with the fascinating world of wines at a wine sampling session in Kvarnbo Gästhem together with Ella Grüssner Cromwell-Morgan. The carefully renovated pension building forms a fine backdrop for your new taste experiences.

Ella was already a cook and waiter when she decided to get a diploma as sommelier at the Restaurant Academy in Stockholm. That was an inspired choice - in spring 2005 she graduated as the top student in her class.

Today Ella runs Kvarnbo Gästhem together with her husband Martin. She also writes wine chronicles in the local newspaper Nya Åland and teaches wine knowledge at the Ålands Hotell och Restaurangskola and at Högskolan på Åland.

On top of all this, Ella also has time to arrange wine tastings at Kvarnbo Gästhem.
"I also arrange visits where we have wine tastings at the client's home or in restaurants", she adds.

What do you want to know about wine?
If you are interested in booking a wine sampling session with Ella, there are several different standard packages to choose from.

"I try to make the sessions both educational and entertaining. They are also blind tastings, which means that my guests don't know which wine is in the bottles, but have to taste, smell and discuss it. The atmosphere is very relaxing and so far everybody has been satisfied. That is so great!"

You can also ask for a tailored solution.
"Of course - everything is possible", says Ella. "Together we agree on what should be included in the tasting session."

Package 1 - Food & Wine
Food and wine tasting combined. Tasting of 2 white and 2 red wines together with a "sample plate".

"We experiment with the basic tastes", Ella explains. "This is a very useful tasting session where you can learn a great deal."

Package 2 - Wine & Cheese
Tasting of 4 wines of different character with a cheese plate.

Package 3 - Wine & Desert
Strong wine and desert wine in combination with chocolates and other deserts.

Package 4 - Champagne & Sparkling Wines
A luxurious package.

"So far the Food & Wine package has been the most popular", Ella comments. "It is a suitable package to start with and it offers many aha-experiences. You learn simple basic rules that can change the way you view your entire meal. It is a very fun course to teach because I know that my guests will have better food experiences afterwards.

Apart from wine tasting, Ella also offers sampling of other noble drinks such as beer, schnapps and whisky.

Useful information:

  • Wine tasting at Kvarnbo Gästhem is arranged for groups of 8-30 persons.
  • Expect 1-1.5 hours of tasting.
  • The standard package includes tasting of 4 wines but you can also choose to include more.
  • The price for the tasting depends on which wines you choose and how many, but on average a standard package starts from about 20 Euro per person.
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