Milk, cheese and bread from Åland

If you want to buy milk, cheese or baked goods made in Åland, keep an eye open for the ÅCA brand name among the dairy products and Ålandsbagarn in the bread section. These are the names of Åland's own dairy and bakery.
Both companies are owned by Ålands Centralandelslag. The company has a long history of baking good bread and of refining milk to dairy products such as cream, butter and cheese. The dairy was founded already in 1921 while the bakery was started in 1951.

Wide selection
Among the ÅCA products you will find whole, light and fat-free milk, good cheese, churned butter, whip cream and the ABC sour milk with all its beneficial probiotic microbes.

In the assortment of the Ålandsbagarn bakery there are 100 different types of bread and baked goods. Try the classic black bread or Åland "hemvete" but also newer bread types such as "Långsamofin" with a low GI index or "Sololin" with linseed. The bakery also bakes rolls, cakes, cookies, pastries and other good stuff to eat with a cup of coffee.

Wonderful tastes
You will find good taste souvenirs from Åland, ÅCA and Ålandsbagarn in every grocery shop's shelves and refrigerators.

A tip is to buy the creamy cheeses made by ÅCA for your "hemvete" or loaf sandwich. These cheeses have beautiful names such as Kastelholm, Bomarsund or Stormskär. The black bread tastes best with traditionally churned Åland butter. The Åland butter received 4 out of 5 points in a butter test in the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter's Sunday supplement February 18th 2007 with the opinion: "Swedish taste, the salt is just right. Tasty."
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