Have a party in Åland!

Here you will find tips for great locales and festival places suitable for different types of groups - from company parties to weddings and other great festive events.

Get inspiration from the hints below and contact the travel agencies of Åland for even more recommendations and good advice concerning bookings and suitable party places.
"We offer complete arrangements according to our customer's wishes," says Kirsti Karlsson at Ålandsresor. "Everything can be included - the journey, accommodations, food and drink, local transport, sightseeing, activities and festive arrangements. This is convenient and flexible; we can even pick up our guests with a bus from their homes or book trains or flights."

Tjudö Vineyard
Tjudö Vineyard produces wine and liquor made from the farm's own fruits and berries. You can for example begin your visit with a guided tour of the wine and liquor distillery.  Sampling is included. Then sit down in the genuine old threshing house which is now a festival hall for up to 100 persons. The specialities of the farm are crayfish, ostrich fillets grilled over charcoal and home baked apple pie with vanilla sauce for dessert.

The museum ship Pommern
The museum ship Pommern is moored in the western harbour of Mariehamn. The four-masted ship is an impressive sight as the 104 year old Pommern is the only freight sailing vessel of its kind in the world, which has been preserved in its original condition. Nowadays different groups can hire the ship as party place from the museum's closing time until midnight. The basic fee includes 80 seats but with a special permit 140 seats can be arranged. And if two decks are used there is enough space for up to 400 persons.

Unique Silverskär is situated in the northern archipelago of Åland, just five minute boat ride from the main island. The island is an old archipelago farmstead which has been carefully modernized. Today there are conferences and recreational activities on the island. Silverskär accepts only one group at a time, which means that the whole island will be at your disposal. Set the tables outdoors or in the dining room, which suits 40 persons.

Stormskärs Värdshus & Konferens
Cosy Stormskärs Värdshus & Konferens on the island Simskäla in the Åland archipelago is located in the Åland author Anni Blomqvist's childhood home. The restaurant seats up to 35 persons and serves meals made from locally produced raw materials.

Eckerö Mail & Custom's House
The fine courtyard at the Mail & Custom's house in Eckerö is also excellent or outdoor arrangements, for example in party tents. Here larger concerts such as "Rhapsody in Rock" and "Diggiloo" have been arranged successfully. The guesthouse and café Lugn & Ro is located in one of the buildings and nearby is also Hotell Elvira with possibilities for both accommodations and food.

In the beautiful environment in and around the Hotell Havsvidden in Geta, groups of up to 100 persons can enjoy themselves. There are also accommodations for up to 60 persons in the hotel. Enjoy good food and a splendid view across the sea of northern Åland.

Ålands Bryggeri - Pub Stallhagen
Pub Stallhagen in Åland's Bryggeri can be booked with or without a guided tour of the brewery. From the pub you can look through large panorama windows at the brewery hall. The pub accepts up to 50 persons and catering can be arranged according to your wishes.

Eckerö Golf's attic
The open attic above the golf shop at Eckerö Golf offers excellent opportunities for festive events for up to 100 persons. Here you will also find a fully licensed restaurant and an outdoor terrace for 60 guests. The golf club's Restaurang Rusell stands for food and arrangements. There are plenty of accommodations nearby.

Käringsund Resort & Conference
Also Käringsund Resort & Conference in Eckerö offers great locales for festive events. The conference department by the sea has enough space for 150 persons in the conference room while the newly renovated restaurant suits groups of up to 140 persons. Käringsundsbyn is located close to the Eckerö Linjen ferry harbour in Berghamn and offers lodging in 42 cottages.

There are plenty of options
Another alternative is to rent a youth locale in one of the many villages in Åland.
"And don't forget the sport halls," adds Kirsti Karlsson. "For example Godbyhallen and Baltichallen are great for arrangements for a few hundred persons and Eckeröhallen offers space for thousands of people. In these halls you can arrange everything from exhibitions and trade fairs to seminars, courses and dancing. And almost everything has already been done, so there is much experience to draw from."

When you have found the perfect place, you can book catering through the establishment itself, through your travel agency or from one of the Åland restaurants. Naturally you may also book one of the restaurants for your feast.
"Hotell Arkipelag's large restaurant is for example suitable for most events," hints Kirsti. ÅSS Paviljongen can also arrange fine parties connected with to the shipping tradition, or unforgettable crayfish parties by the sea with the best autumn atmosphere.

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