Breakfast, lunch, dinner – and then a cup of coffee!

FOOD. A menu suggestion when you want to eat something that tastes Åland. All day.

A good start of a wonderful day
In the morning: butter a slice of “hemvete” – the traditional Åland bread – with real butter from the Åland dairy, Ålandsmejeriet ÅCA. Top off with a creamy slice of cheese, “Kastelholmsost” or one of the tasty sheep’s milk cheeses from Skimra Gård. Drink a cup of tea, flavoured with heather honey from Åland. What a tasty breakfast!

For lunch
A fish soup for lunch is a tried and true classic. Enjoy the piping hot soup with a glass of milk and a few slices of musty black bread, another Åland classic. Butter the bread or top with a slice of cheese. Tasty! Finish with the archipelago chef’s crunchy apple and oats crisp with Åland grown apples as dessert.

Time for a cup of coffee
The Åland pancake is a sure favourite with the afternoon coffee. In Åland we eat our pancake with plum jam and whipped cream, so called “snömos”. If you don’t like prunes you may choose strawberry or raspberry jam.

The Åland pancake is very filling and is suitable for coffee. The pancake can also be eaten for dessert. In past times it was often served with schnapps.

Three course dinner
You hardly have time to drink your coffee before it is time for dinner. How about a three course meal?

Begin with a delicious archipelago plate filled with different types of pickled herring, creamy whitefish roar, raw spiced or smoked salmon, flounder or perch. Black bread and beer from Stallhagen are great condiments.

Then it is time for the main course. If you like fish, we can recommend butter sautéed perch with early potatoes. Another delicious meat alternative is lamb from Ulfsby Gård. The same goes for row deer, have a taste if you get an opportunity.

Remember to leave some space for dessert. Wonderfully tart and vitamin-rich sea buckthorn products really taste like Åland. For example sea buckthorn pannacotta. If you just want something small and sweet for dessert, Mercedes’ chocolate pralines are a perfect alternative. In addition you can have coffee and avec in an Ålandish manner; Tjudö Vineyard’s apple schnapps Ålvados, related to calvados.

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