Pilot- and fishing crofter’s holding from the 1800 century…

The Dånö homestead museum is situated near a fjord-like creek in the beautiful Dånö. The museum exhibits past time living in a typical pilot- and fishing crofter’s holding. Dånö became a pilot’s residence already in the 1800’s and the house where the museum is located has been inhabited by two generations of pilots.

Last person that lived in the house was Amanda Nordblom (1854-1927) and when she died the house was sold at an auction. Two people, whose ancestors were from Dånö, made a commitment with each other to buy the cottage with all it’s furniture and create a folk museum. Lydia Holmberg, principal of the Åland handicraft school for women in Sund, and the conductor and music teacher Emil Johnsson managed the museum for 40 years until the Dånö museum association was founded in 1968.

The articles in the museum contain of the inventories from the pilot crofter’s holding as well as household items and hand tools given, deposited or bought at auctions. Among the treasures are a figurehead and a cabinet from the 1700’s and a large collection of hand tools that were used by fishermen and farmers long ago.

The museum is in Geta, about 40 km’s north of Mariehamn. The museum is easily accessed by car. (see the map)

Open 2018: Open 23.6-26.8 every day at 13.00-16.00 except Wednesdays when it is open at. 16.00 - 19.00.
Other times by appointment,  tel. +358 40 768 5782, +358 40 501 9727.

Admission: 4 Euro per person, Children under 12 free

Groups: Entrance for groups min. 20 Euro.


Pilot- and fishing crofter’s holding from the 1800 century.