Flexible guides tailor the tour according to the group's interests

The Åland guides are multifaceted and skilled and will also follow along for a bicycle tour or a walk through town if you so wish!
Say the word "guide" and most people think about a large group touring the landscape in a bus. But the Åland guides are up to so much more. How about a bicycle tour with a picnic on the beach after a swim in the sea – an experience that is combined with interesting and useful information along the way?

"Yes, we arrange tours like that sometimes, especially for conference guests that want to relax and get out into the nature," says Gun Styrström, Åland's Guides.

Sometimes the bicycle tour leads to the islands south of Mariehamn, but groups have also ridden to, for example, the Kastelholm castle, some 20 kilometers from Mariehamn. If you don't want to ride back, a bus can be arranged.

Tailored tours
In Åland there are close to 60 experienced guides which speak eleven languages. They are available year round and tailor their guiding according to the group's special interests. If you are interested in art - well, then they arrange a tour to the art museums in Åland and to a contemporary artist that receives the group in his or her studio. If you would rather find out more about Åland's shipping, nature, history or something else, they will focus the tour around one or more of these subjects.

There are also of course "ready-made tours" if you don't have any special requests and they are among other things focused on the most popular sights in Åland such as the Kastelholm castle, the Bomarsund fortress ruins, the Mail & Custom's House in Eckerö andthe Hunting and Fishing museum in Käringsund.

To the archipelago
Gun Styrström has one favourite tour - a day tour to the islands east of the main island. Along the way you'll see small but vigorous archipelago villages, experience today's fine communications with several smaller ferries and you get to see the distinct and harsh nature.

"Many people that visit Åland don't know so much about the islands. A tour with a guide gives so much more. We also discuss current issues, such as the Åland autonomy and its relation to EU," says Gun Styrström.

No group is too small for the guides in Åland. They have even arranged a guided tour for just one person!

"Almost everything can be arranged. Contact us first," says Gun Styrström.
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