Alandica – house of possibilities

Alandica Culture & Congress is located centrally in Mariehamn - a multi-faceted building designed for meetings, conventions, conferences, cultural events, exhibitions, performances, shows and much more.

When it comes to the possibilities in and around Alandica, the sky is the limit.

For conferences and groups

Henrik Nordström at Ålands Turist och Konferens has much experience packaging Alandica for different companies, from congresses with up to 600 participants to meetings, exhibitions and festive events.

"Alandica is a fantastic building. We hear that response time after time from the groups who visit us - they appreciate the architecture, the view and the facilities. The location centrally in Mariehamn combined with the closeness to the sea is also very popular. This is a unit - in one and the same building they can have a conference, en exhibition, mingle and associate in festive ways. Åland and Alandica are also the ideal meeting place for Nordic companies and associations who want to meet half way."

Henrik also wants to emphasize Alandica's potential as a place of celebration.

"For those who want to have a party in a different and exclusive environment, the open two-storey foyer is a perfect alternative. The terrace on a still summer's night with a champagne glass in your hand is also very pleasant."

Fairs in Alandica

Kickan Sundblom is part of the organiser's group behind the yearly Wedding and Party Fair. In 2009 the fair was arranged for the first time in Alandica and they are pleased to return for the Wedding and Party Fair march 20-21st 2010.

"The best with Alandica is that it is new and fresh, airy and has a high ceiling", Kickan says. "We had a total of 45-50 exhibitors in our fair and they were placed in the upper and lower foyer. The space is mingle-friendly and it was even possible for us to arrange our shows and performances in the centre of the fair. It is so very nice when everything takes place in one central area. Alandica's catering was also excellent."

When it came to lectures and items on the agenda that demanded more privacy, Alandica's meeting rooms were used.

Events and culture

Åsa Juslin is director of the Nordic Institute of Åland, a Nordic cultural instutute which has placed several of its events to Alandica.

"We are very happy about Alandica; the house has made it possible for us to accept larger events. It is a perfect arena for different types of productions - we have already used many of the spaces in the house for concerts, plays, literary evenings and our Culture Soup. We are also happy that everything needed is already in place. Our visiting artists have also been very happy."

Åsa is especially happy for the auditorium which seats 200 persons.

"It has worked very well for both concerts and plays", she says. "The foyer also has many possibilities, here we have, among other things, arranged Cultural Soup with musical performances, and Alandica took care of the catering. The Music Hall is a great hall for author seminars; it just feels more intimate."

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