Interiör från Ålands jakt- och fiskemuseum.
Museums on Åland

Traditions of Åland archipelago life

Åland’s Hunting and Fishing Museum in the charming fishing village of Käringsund looks like a collection of boathouses. Inside, you’ll learn about animals, nature and Åland’s hunting and fishing culture – everything from seal hunting to the children’s herring market.

This year the museum welcomes its visitors to three new exhibitions. The humorous and fun family favourite “Ooh, poo!” is a temporary exhibition about various animal faeces, and another temporary exhibition “Kultändare” features photographs by artist Kenneth Bamberg. In the museum, Bamberg’s photographs are placed on objects from existing exhibitions, and when the worlds of art and cultural heritage come together, the exhibition takes on another dimension.

Seal hunting meet AI

The hunting and fishing Museum’s permanent exhibition has been expanded with a new exhibition about seal hunting. Join us on a journey through history, from the first people who came to Åland to hunt seals to today’s hunting practices. With the help of both multimedia and AI technology, the museum has created an exhibition that provides a deeper understanding of the subject. Black and white images have been coloured to give a more vivid picture of what life was like 100 years ago.

You will also learn more about fishing, spring bird hunting, different types of boats, weapons and trophies. There is a lot to discover here! Go on trivia quests, play games, check out the museum shop and try the pearl excavation.

Through fire and ice

By following the Geo Path outside the museum, you will learn the geological history of Åland. Perfect also for geo catchers! Children like to climb around on the salmon boat Svanö.

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Ålands jakt- och fiskemuseum

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