Kvinna och barn på stranden vid Käringsund Resort.
Åland for children

Sunny summer days on the beach

All it takes to make the whole family happy is sun and a place to swim. Luckily you can find lots of both all over Åland!

Åland boasts public beaches in all directions, ensuring you’ll always find one sheltered from the wind. Young children enjoy sandy beaches, while older kids prefer ones with diving platforms. Bambölevik in Finström offers both, along with cliffs, lawns, and picnic tables with BBQ pits. The beach is nestled in a sheltered bay where the water is often a bit warmer than in other places.

Sinting beach in Degerby is a similar gem. Here, there’s a popular sandy beach for the youngest family members and a diving platform for those who like to jump into the sea from higher heights.

At Västerviken in Haraldsby, you’ll find a sandy beach, diving platform, and volleyball net. For families with younger children, the shallow sandy beach of Notplan in Kroklund is a bit better than Västerviken. Here, you’ll also find a diving platform and beach volleyball court. Other child-friendly beaches can be found at Bomarsund in Sund, Knutnäs in Geta and Klockarholmen in Lemland.

Käringsund Resort in Eckerö is a tip for those who want to experience everything with a day ticket, including a dip in the sea, pool hangout, minigolf, pedal boats and much more.

Popular seaside

Degersand with its waves and open horizon facing the sea in western Åland is a popular beach among Ålanders. What’s more, there’s a beach bar and a restaurant for the hungry and thirsty sunbathers.

There are three child-friendly beaches in Mariehamn, Lilla holmen, Nabben and Gröna Udden.

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