Flicka med föräldrar ombord på Ålandstrafikens skärgårdsfärja.
Travel and transports

Explore Åland by bus and archipelago ferry

Åland consists of the main island and thousands of other islands of all sizes around it. Many of the bigger islands are inhabited and you can reach them by the local inter-island ferries.

It is easy to explore the Åland Islands. On the main island there are four main roads with public bus connections to the ferry harbours. Apart from the main roads there are hundreds of kilometres of scenic village roads offering a lot to see and experience. In Mariehamn you can take the city bus.

The archipelago

When the locals talk about the archipelago, they talk about the islands located east of the main island. These islands can be reached by Ålandstrafiken’s inter-island ferries. You can make day trips to the islands or stay overnight.

Here are some basic facts good to know when you are planning a visit to the archipelago.

Main road 2 leads to Vårdö. There is a short cable ferry crossing operated 24/7 and you don’t need to book the ferry in advance.

From Hummelvik ferry harbour on Vårdö you can take a ferry to Kumlinge and Brändö on the Northern archipelago ferry route.

You can catch a Southern route ferry to Sottunga and Kökar from Långnäs harbour at the end of the main road 3 to Lumparland. There is also a ferry connection on the intermediate ferry route between Föglö and Kumlinge.

To Föglö take a ferry från Svinö ferry harbour, follow the main road 3. The Föglö ferry has many daily departures, and no booking is required. For all other ferries, please remember to make a ferry booking for your vehicle in advance!

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