Transport in Åland - bus, taxi or ferry

There is much to see and discover in a small space in Åland. The main island - as the natives say - is no larger than 45 kilometers from north to south and 50 kilometers from east to west.

The short distances make Åland suitable for travelling by car, MC or bicycle.


There are also many taxis in this island world. Call Mariehamns Taxi for transports in town; in the countryside there are several smaller taxi companies to choose from.
Phone numbers to taxi 

The city bus

All bus routes start and end centrally near the crossing Nygatan/Torggatan. With the city buses you can make round trips both north and south in Mariehamn

The public transport

The public transport in Åland consists of both buses and archipelago ferries. The bus routes start at the bus station near the main library in Mariehamn. You can choose between 5 different lines that take you farther out to the different parishes on the main island.

Where the roads end you can continue your trip among the islands in the archipelago onboard the archipelago ferries run by Ålandstrafiken. The ferry ride is free for persons and bicycles but there is a small fee for motorcycles, cars and caravans. A ride with the archipelago ferries must be booked in advance. Especially in the summer you have to make your reservations well in advance. Contact Ålandstrafiken by calling: +358 18 525 100 for booking and further information about public transport.

Bicycle ferry

If you discover Åland by bicycle, the bicycle ferries are an alternative. Together with the bicycle routes they create a connected network of roads which means you never have to backtrack. The bicycle ferries run according to a timetable in June, July and August.

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