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Ålands Turist och Konferens

The solitude of your own choice

The island Sviskär with its newly built eremite shack is a refuge for those looking for solitude. Here you can take a break and just listen to the quietness. You decide how much contact with others you will have.

Sviskär is a part of the conference and recreational establishment Silverskär in the northern archipelago of Åland.

"On our neighbouring island Sviskär we have built a cabin that we call "the eremite shack" - a cabin where we value the simple and genuine", says Kickan Sundblom at Silverskär. Here you can enjoy nature and the quietness, you can be completely alone for 24 hours or longer if you wish.

Your own island

When you rent the eremite shack you actually rent a whole island in the Åland archipelago. Sviskär is 30 hectares large and in the eremite shack there are four beds. There is no electricity.

On the island you can really be alone, but you can still contact the rest of the world whenever you want to. You leave your mobile phone at the pier in a box with a built-in mobile phone charger. "When you book the cabin you also decide if you want self catering or if you want Silverskär's good service", Kickan says. "In that case we come with all meals and leave a delicious food basket on the jetty. You may even order a four course dinner if you want to."

If you want to arrange for dinner on your own, the fishing grounds of Sviskär are available.

"In our hectic times, stillness, peace and quiet is a scarce commodity. Now it can be had on Sviskär!"

More islands for rent

You can also book your own island through the travel organisers Eckerö Linjen and Viking Line:

Eckerö Linjen's cottages:

  • Töftö in Vårdö: The cottage is on an island with cows in a child friendly environment.
  • Kvarnhagen's holiday cottages: Secluded on its own island. Forest, sea view.
  • Norrö in Saltvik: Situated secluded on an island about 10 minutes boat ride away. Sea view.


Viking Line's cottages:

  • Baggholma on Brändö: The cottage is secluded on an island, boatmanship needed.
  • Torsholma on Brändö: The cottage is situated on an island about 1 km from main Torsholma. Boatmanship needed.
  • Stålsby Kasvik in Finström: The cottage is located on a secluded island about 10 minutes boat ride away in a rowing boat.
  • Hastersboda on Föglö: The cottage is situated on an island at about 100 meters rowing distance.
  • Äppelö in Hammarland: Located on an island in an old genuine archipelago environment.
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