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Ålands Turist och Konferens

The Right of Public Access

Freedom to move around in nature, such as in the forest and on the water, has been a public right in the Nordic countries since ancient times. This right is called The Right of Public Access and is a benefit and possibility that should be safeguarded.

The essence of the right is "Do not disturb and Do not destroy". This means that you are personally responsible for your actions in nature. Show good judgement and remember that you're visiting somebody else's land.

Åland's definition of the Right of Public Access is slightly more restricted than in Sweden and the rest of Finland. This is because we have so many visitors and our archipelago landscape is more susceptible to damage.

  • You may freely travel around by foot or on bicycle, but avoid private residence, jetties and cultivated areas. Remember to always close gates behind you.
  • Using natural harbours for temporary mooring and a harbour of refuge is permitted. We recommend guest harbours for overnight stays, as most piers and jetties on Åland are private and not allowed for use by visitors.
  • You may swim, row, sail, paddle and drive a motor boat on private waters. However, official fairways should be used if possible, mainly because there is a great risk to run aground outside the fairways. When you travel by boat outside the fairways - in the local's fishing grounds - you should be especially careful not to damage fishing tackle. Respect waterfowl and their ducklings by slowing down.
  • It's prohibited to make a fire without the landowner's permission. The dry forests in Åland easily catch fire and a campfire may destroy bedrock forever. It's important to be careful and make sure that the fire is properly extinguished before you leave.
  • You may bring a dog with you if it's leashed. It's prohibited by law to let dogs run loose, in consideration of breeding waterfowl and other wild animals. During their breeding season it's also forbidden to go ashore on some islands.
  • The fishing in Åland is regulated by a law about fishing. You must first buy a fishing license for the fishing ground where you intend to fish. The protection of breeding waterfowls prohibits fishing from the shore 15.4-15.6.
  • You may temporarily stay in the countryside, but setting up a tent or an overnight stay in a caravan or mobile home on somebody else's property requires permission from the landowner. We recommend camping grounds, holiday cottages and guest houses for your stay.
  • Help us keep the nature clean! Take back everything you brought with you or take it to the nearest rubbish bin. It is prohibited by law to dump wastewater from boats into the sea.


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