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Stay in Mariehamn

To stay in Mariehamn does not necessarily mean a hotel stay. In Mariehamn there are also camping grounds, cottages, guesthouse and boarding houses to choose between.

Camping ground

Gröna Uddens camping ground, available for tents and caravans and architect drawn overnight cabins, is situated down by the beach in south-eastern Mariehamn. This family friendly camping area also offers a beach, beach sauna, miniature golf, café, beach volley and ball courts. A few minutes walk takes you to the town centre. The quickest way is also the most beautiful way, through the nature park Tullarns Äng.

Guesthouses and boarding houses

Pensionat Solhem is great for families with children that want to stay close to Mariehamn but yet in protected surroundings. Solhem is situated by the sea with a view across the Åland Sea and the inlet to the maritime town Mariehamn. Here is a beach and large lawns where the children can run around and play. Pensionat Solhem is about 3 kilometers from the centre of Mariehamn. A short ride with the city bus, which is free, will conveniently take you to town.

Gästhem Kronan is close to both the town centre and the ferries in the western harbour of Mariehamn. Both guesthouses offer an affordable accommodation on one of the more quiet streets of Mariehamn.

Holiday village

If you want to enjoy a cosy cottage stay near Mariehamn, you will find that Strandbergs stugor are like an oasis. You may spend lazy days in the lush garden, on the beach, in the sun-heated outdoor pool or walk the two kilometers to central Mariehamn.

An alternative that offers both guesthouse and a holiday village is offered by ÖvernäsGården, just south of the Gröna Udden camping ground on the eastern side of Mariehamn. The area is quiet and close to nature. Here is also a beach with a beach-sauna and jetty.


If you prefer a hotel stay there are many fine hotels to choose from in Mariehamn. All hotels include breakfast, morning sauna and a pool.

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