Degersand - camping, restaurant and beach

The families Nordlund, Eriksson and Lindström make sure that all their guests enjoy themselves at Degersands Camping by the beautiful sea beach in Degersand.
"We saw an ad that the campground was for sale and started thinking about how to develop it and finally we bought it", says Nina Lindström, one of the owners. "We have always thought about opening a restaurant together - now we opened a campground instead."

Degersands Camping reopened after intense renovations and improvements of the cottages and the restaurant. If you have visited the camping ground before you will hardly recognise it now.

"We have put a lot of effort into renovations and improvements while we also want to preserve the environment here - there should always be peace and quiet", Ninna explains. "Our guests, also those that haven't stayed in the campground, have fallen in love with the cottages, which have been praised for their high standard and freshness."

There are five cottages with large terraces with ample space for sun chairs and a gas barbecue. Now they all have a kitchen and toilet, shower and a well shielded outdoor shower. The interior is light and fresh with white walls and light wood and grey details. The fabrics used for table cloths and pillows were designed by the Åland designer duo Korpi & Gordon.

Satisfied guests
Degersands Camping has always been aimed toward families with children and older and this is how it will remain with the new owners. Göran Bok from Bromma has stayed at the campground for almost a week together with his wife Maria and their children Agnes, Joel and Sara.

"We knew beforehand that it would be new and fresh, but that it would be this nice and in such a beautiful place, that was a positive surprise", he says. "Degersands Camping is very suitable for a family with children like us. We have been swimming in the sea, enjoyed the fine beach and we eat fantastic food in the restaurant."

"It is family friendly all the way around", Göran continues. "The beach and sea are close and it's nicely arranged with a playground right by the restaurant. We grown-ups have been able to eat in peace and quite while we have had constant supervision over the children. And the idea to rinse off the sand from your feet before you go into the cottage - it is so smart and yet so simple!"

"We are very happy with our stay", he concludes.

Restaurant Q
The campground's café and Restaurant Q is situated near the cottages and with a sea view. The sun shines all day on the generous patio. Here you can enjoy lunch, dinner, coffee, ice-cream, home-baked goods or why not a glass of Stallhagen beer from Åland?

"We have tried to think as environmentally friendly as possible, for example by serving ecological food prepared with locally produced foods in the restaurant", Ninna says.

In the restaurant there is also a small grocer's that sells all the necessities, locally produced delicacies, toys for the children and many other things.

Don't miss the fine beach sauna with a view across the Åland Sea. You don't have to be a guest at the campground to book the sauna.
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