Brändö - many islands to visit

The islands of Brändö in the north eastern archipelago of Åland lie like a necklace of pearls. They are just waiting for you to experience them – preferably from a bicycle!


The road net in the municipality consists of road banks, bridges and winding roads. And one or two ferry rides in between. The trip is never boring, so take it easy and enjoy the views.

The Lappo nature
Begin your island hopping in Hummelvik in Vårdö. Continue with Ålandstrafiken’s ferries via Enklinge and Kumlinge to the islands that make up Brändö. Your first destination is Lappo.

The entire harbor area feels warm and welcoming thanks to the red boat houses, which are a common sight throughout Brändö. In one of the boat houses is the Archipelago Museum housed. There you can get acquainted with fishing, peasant shipping and sailing and archipelago culture on Åland.

In Lappo village is also a grocery shop, bank, post office, nature trail, guest harbor and the summer restaurant Galeasen. If you want to stay in Lappo, we can recommend the homey guest house Pellas.

From island to island
From Lappo you can then continue with cable ferry to the island Björkö – which actually belongs to the island Kumlinge. The idyllic surroundings of  Björkö reminds one of old times and you can stay at Nygårds semesterlägenheter.

You may then continue in the Brändö archipelago to Astersholma. Here the peace, quiet and the sea are part of the sights. Have a picnic on the shore or treat yourself to an enjoyable week in a spacious cottage in Asterholma Stugby.

Main Brändö
After your visits to Lappo, Björkö and Asterholma, another ferry ride awaits. This time your destination is Torsholma and main Brändö. In Torsholma you can shop at the grocer’s before you continue north along the road to Åva.

Take a time out for sun, sand and sea at the beach Korsklobbsrevet. The beach is on an island in between two road banks. There is a sandy beach, rocks and the children’s favourite – the small water slide. In Brändö village you can also make a detour  and visit Brändö’s whitewashed wooden church. Stop and have a cup of coffee at Trixie’s Pub & Café.

If you want to stay overnight, you can choose between Brändö stugby, Båtsmansgårdens turistservice, Fisketorpet & Fågelviks Stugby, Granbergs stugor, Hotell & Restaurang Gullvivan and Laxuddens stugby.

Idyllic Jurmo
Last on your island adventure is the island Jurmo. You travel to the little island with a ferry from Åva. Once there, there wait small country roads, a grocer’s, Café Kvarnen, Djurmo youth hostel and pastures with wonderfully wooly Highland cattle cows.

Useful information
* Tip! You can also begin your trip from Osnäs, Gustavs in Finland.
* Remember to check the ferry timetables before you leave. It is also important to make reservations at the ferries, even if you are just pedaling a bicycle.

Further information:

* Quick guide to the Archipelago Route



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